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Three Ways to get a Free Car


Owning a car is a major expense, but most of us need a car for work, shopping, and just getting around in general. Suppose there were a way to get a free car? Getting a free car is not as impossible as it sounds. Here are three ways you could get a free car.

Win a Car

High performance 'grand marque' cars, elevated view
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I'll admit the odds are small to win a car in a sweepstakes, but if you enjoy entering sweepstakes and have the time, why not give it a try. Find out where you can get links to the best win a car sweepstakes and even get tips on how to improve your chances.

Get a Company Car

This will not work for everyone, but if you are looking for a new job you may want to consider finding one that comes with a company car. The link above will do a Monster.com search for jobs that mention "company car" in the listing. A company car is a nice perk for the right person in the right job.

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