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Family Free Stuff and Services

Free stuff and services that parents can sign up to get for the young ones. You can find all kinds of goodies and free services like monitored chat and an easy to use Web page builder.

Free Kids Stuff From Summer Reading Programs

Your family can earn all sorts of free stuff, like gift cards and brand new books, just from reading books during the summer.

See Free Movies From the National Amusements Summer Reading for Kids

A free movie ticket every month this summer - just for reading one book per week!

HEB Summer Reading Program for Kids

Get free T-shirts and other prizes for reading books during the summer.

Free $10 From the TD Bank Summer Reading Program

That's right, free money! $10 just for reading 10 books.

Half Price Books Summer Reading Program for Kids

Free gift cards! Earn them by reading books this summer.

Borders Summer Reading Program

Get free books in the summer for reading books.

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program for Kids

Get a free book for every eight that your kid reads this summer.

Get Free Movies From Blockbuster Good Grades Free Rental Program

The Blockbuster Good Grades Free Rental program is a program where students who get good grades on their grade card can get free movie rentals at Blockbuster.

Rewardsgold.com Membership Rewards Program

Rewardsgold.com is one one of the best rewards programs for getting free magazine subscriptions and digital audio books. They also claim to offer surveys and free samples.

Get Free Stuff by Holding a House Party

Houseparty.com organizes "marketing parties" for a wide variety of companies. You can score some nice free stuff if this kind of thing interests you and you don't mind getting a lot of marketing email and postal mail.

Starting your Garden for Free with Winter Sowing

Gardening is a great and rewarding hobby as well as a good way to save money on your food budget. However, buying seeds and especially young plants to get your garden started can be very expensive. Would you like to greatly reduce or even eliminate those costs? Wintersown.org can help by teaching you how to use recycled containers and free seeds to give your garden a free head start.

Free Animal Poison Control Center magnet

The ASPCA is offering a free Animal Poison Control Center magnet with the toll-free Poison Control Center phone number and Web address so you have it in case of a poison emergency with your pet.

Free Apple Camp for Ages 8 to 12

Apple retail stores offer four free workshops that are recommended for kids ages 8 to 12. You can register your child for two of the three 2 and half hour workshops.

Free Instructions to Make Potpourii

Whether you are looking to make gifts or to freshen up your home, this little tip will save you the expense of buying potpourii.

Free Petfinder.com Bookmark and Temporary Tattoo

Petfinder.com is offering a free bookmark and temporary tattoo when you send a self addressed stamped envelope.

Free Read-along Stories

Storyline Online offer free read-along stories. The stories are read by Screen Actors Guild members using flash movies to display the books as they are read. There are also fun activities and lesson ideas to go along with each book.

Coloring Pages

This coloring pages site offers a nice variety of full-page printable coloring pages for kids. The coloring pages are organized into categories including cartoon characters, holidays, animals, dinosaurs, transportation, and many more. The coloring pages site can be navigated by kids but appears to be more geared toward parents locating and printing the coloring pages for the kids. There are also many other activities and games available from the site navigation menus.

Free Pet Rescue Sticker

The ASPCA is offering up to free pet rescue alert stickers - The stickers are intended to notify rescue workers that there are pets inside in case of an emergency

Theme Park Admission for Military

Anheuser-Busch is offering free admission to SeaWorld, Busch Gardens or Sesame Place parks to members of the US Military and their direct dependents. (US)

Lego Magazine Subscription

Club Lego offers a free two year subscription to Lego Magazine if you live in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, Germany, or Switzerland. (International)

Fall Pattern Kit for Kids

Parents can request a free paper cut out craft kit for kids. (US)

Milk Publications and Goodies

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development offers a number of goodies including a coloring, book, poster and other publications. (US)

KidzEyes Surveys for Cash

When you register your kids age 6-14 for KidzEyes they can take surveys to earn points for cash. They earn $5 worth of points for registering. Parents need to send or fax a permission form or call their toll-free number. (US)

Disaster Action Freebies

A big list of disaster safety items that kids can write in for. Presented by FEMA. (US)

Pottery Barn Summer Reading Challenge for Kids

Get a free book just for signing up with this summer reading program.

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