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Free Pet Rescue Sticker


Offer Description:

Along with some great tips on emergency pet preparedness, the ASPCA is offering free pet rescue alert stickers. The stickers are intended to notify rescue workers that there are pets inside in case of an emergency. The stickers have a space to write the number and type of pets you have as well as contact information for your veterinarian. (US, Canada)

How to get the free offer:

Visit the ASPCA Pet Emergency Preparedness page and click on the free pet rescue sticker link. Fill out the form with your name, address, email address and indicate the types of pets you own.

Offer Availability:

This offer is available to pet owners 18 or older in the United States and Canada. The site indicates that the stickers will arrive in four to six weeks.

Who is making the offer?:

This offer is being presented by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

How much effort is required to request the offer?:

The effort required to request the offer is minimal. You just need to fill out a simple online form.

What is the likelihood the offer will arrive?:

You can be pretty confident or receiving this offer but it will probably take a good while to arrive.

What are the risks in requesting the offer?:

You may receive fairly frequent mailings from the ASPCA and associated pet welfare originations soliciting donations. The privacy policy on the site does give you instructions to opt out of the mailings.

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