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Rewardsgold.com Membership Rewards Program


Program Overview:

Rewardsgold.com primarily offers free magazine subscriptions in exchange for filling out a short survey and writing a short review. The company was formerly known as Magcentral.com, but they appear to be trying to reinvent themselves as more than a source of magazine subscriptions.

The Types of Rewards You Can Earn:

So far the only rewards I've earned have been free magazine subscriptions. The company appears to be trying to expand into other niches and rewards.

How to Join:

Although Rewardsgold.com claims that their membership is by invitation only there are a couple ways to join without an invitation from an existing member. You can visit the Rewardsgold.com sign up page, register and wait for them to approve your application.

You can also shortcut the approval process by going to the magazine subscription offers page to request a free magazine and join immediately. If a listed magazine is no longer available you may be offered another title.

Are These Magazine Subscriptions Really Free?:

The short answer is yes. They don't ask for a credit card number and they promise not to send you a bill. However, as with most free magazine subscriptions, they may try to encourage you to pay for a renewal near the end of your subscription. The magazines sometimes send what looks like a bill but is just an offer. You still want to read it carefully and make sure it is truly not a bill.
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