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Get Free Kids Stuff From Summer Reading Programs for Kids

A List of Summer Reading Programs for Kids That Give Free Books, Money and More


All the free summer reading programs are over for this year. Check back in the spring for all the details on the 2014 summer reading programs.

Summer reading programs are a great way to encourage your child to read over the summer months. So why not give them a little incentive to really get into that summer reading? Especially if those incentives are some great kid freebies!

Below you'll find a list of summer reading programs that will get your kids free stuff like free books, money, gift cards, movies, and more.

Between these summer reading programs, free summer movies, free summer bowling, and all the other summer freebies your kids will be very busy this summer!

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program 2013

Summer Reading
© Barnes & Noble

This year the Barnes and Noble summer reading program, Imagination's Destination, gives out a free book to each child who reads 8 books over the summer.

There are many free books to choose from and there's something for every kid in grades 1-6.

This summer reading program runs May 21 - September 3.

Pottery Barn Summer Reading Challenge 2013

Pottery Barn Summer Reading Challenge
© Pottery Barn

The Pottery Barn Summer Reading Challenge 2013 challenges kids to complete one of their reading lists.

Kids who complete the reading lists can go into their local Pottery Barn Kids to get a free book.

This summer reading program runs May 16 - August 26.

Half Price Books Summer Reading Program 2013

Summer Reading Programs
© Half Price Books

Half Price Books gives out free gift cards to kids who read books this summer.

When kids read for 300 minutes during both June and July, they'll get a free $5 gift card per month to Half Price Books. One lucky kid in each age group and store will get a $20 gift card.

This summer reading program runs June 1 - July 31.

TD Bank Summer Reading Program 2013

TD Bank Summer Reading
© TD Bank

When your child completes the TD Bank summer reading program, they'll get $10 free!

Kids will need to read 10 books and have a new or existing Young Savers account at a TD Bank to get this deal.

This summer reading program runs May 6 - September 30.

Showcase Cinemas Summer Reading Program 2013

Free Summer Movies
© Showcase Cinemas

For each book kids read and write a book report over, they'll get to see a movie at a Showcase Cinemas movie theater for free.

This summer reading program runs July 10 - August 7.

HEB H.E. Buddy Summer Reading Club 2013

Summer Reading

The H.E. Buddy Summer Reading Club sponsored by HEB grocery stores gives out a package of cool prizes for each child who reads 10 books this summer.

It's a mystery what the prizes are but I'm betting it includes a free t-shirt!

This summer reading program ends on October 1.

Sylvan's Book Adventure Reading Program

Summer Reading Programs
© Sylvan

Sylvan's reading program called Book Adventure encourages children to read books and then take online quizzes over the books to earn points.

These points can then be redeemed for prizes like books, magazine subscriptions, tattoos, candy, CD's, and games.

This summer reading program is ongoing, all year around.

Chuck E. Cheese Reading Rewards

Summer Reading
© Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese has a summer reading program where kids can earn free 10 Chuck E. Cheese tokens for reading each day for 2 weeks.

This summer reading program goes on all year.

Public Library Summer Reading Programs

Summer Reading
Photo: Yellow Dog Productions / Getty Images

Some of the best summer reading programs are at your local public library. Every public library has a different summer reading program but almost all of them have rewards and prizes for kids as well as fun events.

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