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Free Coffee Samples


Offer Description:

Gevalia is offering free coffee samples. You can choose flavored samples or roast variety samples. Please read the risks portion of this profile for important information before requesting this free offer.

How to get the free coffee samples:

Visit the Free Coffee Samples page and fill out the mailing information, but see the risks section below first.

Free Coffee Samples Availability:

This free coffee samples offer is available to US residents and is limited to one per household. The site states that the offer expires 12/31/2006, but as with any free offer, it could end at any time.

What are risks in requesting the free coffee samples?:

Gevalia has a history of agressive marketing and they state in their privacy policy that they will share their lists with other companies and that they will send you lots of marketing pitches unless you specifically contact them and tell them not to. Their form asks for a phone number and email address, but does not require them (at this writing). Either don't provide those, or use a junk email address and a number like directory assistance instead of your real phone number.

Check the form carefully to see that it has not changed since this profile was written. At this writing there is no language indicating that you are registering for one of their coffee clubs, but that is their primary way of marketing, and I would not be surprised if they change this offer into one of those once it starts to get a lot of traffic.

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