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Get Free Food From Kraft First Taste


Kraft First Taste Free Food
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Kraft First Taste is a program where you get to try new Kraft products for free in exchange for your feedback.

Besides getting free food from Kraft, you'll be able to use the Kraft First Taste website to give free food to your friends and family, let Kraft know what you think of their products and participate in community polls and forums about the products you've tried.

Types of Free Food Available From Kraft First Taste:

The Kraft First Taste program gives out coupons for free Kraft foods like cookies, pizza, pudding, coffee, sandwiches and crackers.

Whenever Kraft has a new product they're likely to make it available to try on the Kraft First Taste program.

How To Get Free Food From Kraft First Taste:

Visit Kraft First Taste and become a new member or log-in as an existing one. Once you're logged in, look at the bottom of the page for the Offers box. If there are any offers available, they'll show up in this box and you can click on them to get the free food coupons sent to you. If you don't see any offers then Kraft will email you when there are new offers available.

If there's an offer available and you request it, you'll be able to send it to 10 of your friend and family members. They'll get the link and be able to sign up for the Kraft First Taste program and get the same free food coupon you did. These free food coupons are in limited quantity, so you must hurry to get yours.

You can use the Surveys and Polls box to answer questions about the products you've already tried. Kraft really wants you to give your opinion, so if you do you're much more likely to get free food offers from them in the future.

When To Expect Your Free Food:

Kraft First Taste will send out your free food in the form of a coupon that's good for a free product. You'll receive the coupon in the mail. In addition, they'll usually send several cents off coupons that you can either use or give to your friends and family so they can try the new product.

It usually takes 2-4 weeks to receive your coupon after you've requested it. Once you've received the coupon, be sure to notice the expiration date because sometimes they expire quickly.

Limits to Be Aware Of:

The Kraft First Taste program is only available to those who live in the United States.

How Your Information Is Used:

Kraft First Taste only shares your personal information with third parties when needed so you can get your free food coupons. For a complete privacy policy, see the Kraft First Taste privacy policy.

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