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LEGO Stores Monthly Mini Model Build Will Get You Free LEGOs


Free LEGO Builds © LEGO

Every month, LEGO Stores around the world host a free event for kids called the monthly mini model build.

At this free event, kids will learn how to build the a mini model and then take home the free LEGOs used to complete it.

Upcoming LEGO Monthly Builds:

You can get free LEGOs through this program by attending a monthly mini model build at your local LEGO Store. Here's details for the next free LEGO build:

Build a Free LEGO Helicopter on Tuesday, May 6, 5:00 p.m. until supplies run out

How Get Your Free LEGOs:

You can get your free LEGOs by just showing up at the LEGO Store on the specified date. No registration is required. Since quantities are limited, you'll want to show up on time or early to make sure you get your free LEGOs.

Free LEGOs Given Out At Past LEGO Stores:

In the past, the free LEGOs given out have been used to make mini models such as a hockey player, cobra, nutcracker, vampire, watering can, graduate, shark, lawn mower, lighthouse, snowman, turkey, fireplace, Frankenstein, and many more.

Restrictions on the Monthly Mini Model Builds:

The monthly mini model builds are only for kids ages 6-14.

The free LEGOs for the mini builds are available in the U.S., U.K., and Germany LEGO Stores.

More Freebies from LEGO:

Kids can also receive a free LEGO Club magazine subscription in the mail each and every month.

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