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Design Toscano catalog is a home decor catalog / furniture catalog that features home furnishings in specialty themes such as Egyptian, Angels, Fairies, Celtic, African, Medieval, Greek, and many more.

Within these themes, Design Toscano sells furniture, wall decor, accents, indoor statues, garden statues, and gifts.

How to Request a Design Toscano Catalog:

You can request a free Design Toscano catalog by visiting Design Toscano and filling out your name and mailing address in the catalog request form.

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form to send in your request for a free Design Toscano catalog.

You'll receive your free Design Toscano catalog in the mail within the next 2 weeks.

Design Toscano Catalog Restrictions:

Design Toscano catalogs are only sent to addresses in the U.S. and Canada.

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