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15 Sets of Free Address Templates

Printable Address Label Templates


11. Free Address Label Template by Vale Design

Free Address Templates
© Vale Design

These simple but lovely address labels can be printed out after you've used their free address template to enter the addresses.

These work best when printed on a full sheet adhesive paper but can also work when printed on normal computer paper.

12. Free Shipping Label by Clay Space

Free Address Templates
© Clay Space

This lovely free address template comes in just one design but has both a place for the recipient's and sender's address.

You'll need to print this address label and then fill it in by hand before putting it on your envelope.

13. Vintage Gummed Parcel Post Shipping Labels by World Label

Free Address Templates
© World Label

These free address templates will give your letter or package a vintage feel. I think they'd be perfect for the holidays!

Download this PDF file and use the Autofill feature to fill in both the addresses.

14. Squirrel Address Template by How About Orange

Free Address Templates
© How About Orange

This free address template really only works for the fall but it was so cute I had to include it on the list.

You'll need to first download the address template and then fill it out with your information. After that you can print it and then put it on your envelope.

15. Sweet Little Birdie Address Template from World Label

Address Templates
© World Label

World Label has made another great free address template with their Sweet Little Birdie collection.

Besides a free address label, there's also matching shipping labels, all purpose labels, and round stickers.

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