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Free Canning Labels for Your Canning Jars

Print Canning Jar Labels for Free


11. Vintage Canning Labels at Miss Cutiepie

Free Canning Labels
© Miss Cutiepie

These vintage labels make perfect canning jar labels with space to write the name of the canned item along with the date.

Print out one page of these free canning labels and you'll get 6 labels in pink, gray, olive green, teal, green, and purple.

12. Free Jam Labels at Black & Iffel

Free Canning Labels
© Black & Iffel

These free jam labels from Black & Iffel can be stuck on the jar lid or used as a hang tag to go around your canning jar.

You'll find free canning labels here for your peach, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry jam.

13. Sissyprint's Free Canning Labels

Free Canning Labels
© Sissyprint

These gorgeous canning labels by Sissyprint is going to look great on any type of canned item.

Print out a page of these free canning labels and you'll get blue, pink, green, yellow, brown, and purple labels.

14. Jam Jar Dress Ups by Design. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Free Canning Labels
© Design. Wash. Rinse. Repeat

If you're looking for some free canning labels for your jams that are something a little different then you'll love this design.

These free canning labels come in orange, blue, red, and purple with the saying "Spread the Love" making them perfect for gift-giving. Also included are matching homemade tags where you can put the name of the jam along with the date and creator.

15. Mark the Calendar Free Canning Labels by Sweet Preservation

Free Canning Labels
© Sweet Preservation

These free canning labels go perfectly on the side of your jar. Although not ideal for gift giving, these free canning labels will let you easily keep track of when you canned the item.

There are lots of other free canning labels available at Sweet Preservation from the whimsical to the dainty.

16. Home Grown's Free Canning Labels

Free Canning Labels
© Home Grown

There are two different sets of free canning labels here, one is Flowers and Leaves and the other is Fruits and Veggies.

Both of these sets of canning jar labels are very colorful with greens, reds, and blues, creating unique designs.

17. Your Garden Fresh Label Collection by Ira Pavolovich

Free Canning Labels
© Ira Pavolovich

I love the vintage feel of this free canning label collection that includes labels for your blueberry, peach, apricot, grape, cherry, marmalade, raspberry, mixed berry, and strawberry jams.

Each of these sets of free canning labels can even be typed onto before printing.

18. Red and Teal Canning Labels at OnaLimb

Free Canning Labels
© OnaLimb

If you're looking for a canning jar label that's simple but oh so pretty then these red and teal labels by OnaLimb are just what you need.

Print out this page of free canning labels and you'll get four different designs that are all very lovely.

19. Ball's Free Canning Labels

Free Canning Labels
© Ball

Ball has made available four different sets of free canning labels in green/cream, black/white, green/white, and pink/blue/brown.

These free canning labels can be downloaded to fit regular or wide mouth canning jars.

20. Today's Mama Printable Canning Labels

Free Canning Labels
© Today's Mama

These free canning labels from Today's Mama is perfect for putting up applesauce, pie filling, or any other fall harvest.

There's a spot on them to write the contents, who made them, and the date.

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