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10 Places to Find Free Vintage Labels

Create A New Look With These Printable Vintage Labels


These free vintage labels will help you create a whole new look when you use them to put new life into bottles, boxes, vases, cans, wine bottles, and whatever else you want to stick them to. Why not add a bit of history and even glamour to your everyday life?

The free vintage labels below include vintage food, fruit, can, apothecary, soap, and perfume labels that you can use to makeover virtually any container you find around your home, at garage sales, or at your local thrift store.

Tip: You can attach these free vintage labels in a variety of ways including printing them on label paper or adhering them using double-stick tape, a glue stick, or a decoupage technique.

I also have some other free vintage labels especially for canned items and address labels as well as some other, more modern free labels for wine bottles and water bottles.

1. Free Apothecary Labels at Just Something I Made

Free Vintage Labels
© Just Something I Made

These free vintage labels are actual vintage drug store labels that have been scanned. Just click on the images to save the download and then you can change or print them.

Be sure to check out the free project here as well where this blogger adds some of these free vintage labels to hand towels.

2. Eat, Drink, Chic's Free Apothecary Labels

Free Vintage Labels
© Eat, Drink, Chic

These are some beautifully designed vintage labels that are perfect for some decorative bottles in a bathroom.

There's a free vintage label for lotion, elixir, tonic, and syrup.

3. French Vintage Labels by Etiquettes Boissons

Free Vintage Labels
© Etiquettes Boissons

This Flickr set has some lovely free vintage labels from France.

Just download the free vintage labels and use them in whatever project you are working on.

4. Free Vintage Labels at Free Vintage Clip Art

Free Vintage Labels
© Free Vintage Clip Art

There are lots of free vintage labels here including French, canned, apothecary, holiday, and other labels.

Besides free vintage labels you can find a lot of other vintage images here that are all free for the taking.

5. Free Vintage Labels at The Graphics Fairy

Free Vintage Labels
© The Graphics Fairy

There are so many free vintage labels at The Graphics Fairy that you won't be able to decide which ones you want.

Each day there's a new free vintage label available for download. Quite impressive!

6. Vintage Lemonade Labels at J. Bartyn

Free Vintage Labels
© J. Bartyn

Here are some free vintage labels that are all about lemons and summer.

These free vintage labels are available for old-fashioned lemonade, strawberry lemonade, sweet pink lemonade, and Tahiti lime lemonade.

7. Free Vintage Labels for Spices at Eat, Drink, Chic

Free Vintage Labels
© Eat, Drink, Chic

These free vintage labels can be printed out and added to your spice bottles. Make them look even more vintage by staining them with coffee or tea.

There are also some similar free vintage labels that an be used for your tea canisters.

8. Lunagirl Images Free Vintage Labels

Free Vintage Labels
© Lunagirl Images

This collection of 16 free vintage labels are all left blank in the middle so you can add your own text. This means you can make a vintage label for practically anything in your home!

There's a wide variety of designs to these free vintage labels but they all are intricate and quite lovely.

9. Just Something I Made's Free Round Vintage Labels

Free Vintage Labels
© Just Something I Made

These free vintage labels are all round and are just waiting for you to enter whatever text you'd like.

There are 12 different designs here all with a slight vintage feel to them.

10. Free Vintage Labels for Bottles and Boxes at Eat, Drink, Chic

Free Vintage Labels
© Eat, Drink, Chic

Yet another set of free vintage labels over at Eat, Drink, Chic!

These free vintage labels can be added to bottles for oil and vinegar and boxes for other items.

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