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Free Green, a green design company, offers free house plans that you can download directly from their website. These aren't just simple floor plans though, these are complete house plans which include everything you need to actually build the home.

The free house plans do include a few advertisements within which is why they are being offered for free.

Tip: You can design your own floor plans by using a free online room design application and get inspiration from these free home decor catalogs.

Looking for more free building plans? Find more free plans for decks, sheds, dog houses, and chicken coops.

Viewing the Free House Plans:

Visit Free Green to view the free house plans available from their website. You can use the search box on the right of the page or simply scroll through all the free house plans to view them all.

Free Green has more than 10 free house plans that include anywhere between 1-4 bedroom and 1-2 bath homes. They're available in a variety of styles including colonial, ranch, modern, Cape Cod, cabin, and lofts with sizes ranging from 704 - 4,279 square feet.

Click on See Plan to get more details on the home including a house description and specifications, virtual tour in several different design options, outlines of the green features of the home, and a download link for the free house plan.

Downloading the Free House Plans:

Before you can download the free house plans here you'll need to register, which is free. After you have logged in then you are ready to download the plans by clicking on Download Plan (PDF).

You'll download the free house plan as a zip file which contains PDF's of all the floor plans as well as a shopping list, energy report, and pricing estimate.

It will cost you if you'd like the CAD/Revit files for the home.

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