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7 Free Bar Plans

Build a Home Bar With These Free Plans


Print off one of these free bar plans to help you build the home bar you've always dreamed of. There are free bar plans for indoor bars, outdoor bars, and even tiki bars, to help you get just the style you're looking for.

Building a home bar can be a simple project and pretty budget friendly. The free bar plans all include building directions, diagrams, material lists, tool lists, photos, and some even include videos.

After you've used these bar plans to build you dream bar, how about using a wine rack plan to give you even more storage space? You may also want to use some free woodworking plans to build a bookcase, coffee table, kitchen islands, shed, pergola, or even a picnic table.

1. Free Bar Plan from This Old House

Free Bar Plans
© This Old House

This Old House has a wonderful free bar plan with panels, molding, and an optional foot rail. It's less than $500 to build and will take you just a weekend.

The free bar plan comes complete with diagrams, shopping lists, building instructions, photos, and even a video.

2. Free Home Bar Plan from Bob's Woodworking Plans

Free Bar Plans
© Bob's Woodworking Plans

The finished result of this free home bar plan is a classic 6-foot bar that features an oak arm rest and a brass foot rail. There's plenty of room on the inside of the bar for storage with drawers, shelves, and a wine rack.

Download a PDF of this free home bar plan and you'll have over 40 pages packed with directions, a materials list, diagrams, and photos.

3. Backyard Tiki Bar Plan from Popular Mechanics

Free Bar Plans
© Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics has a free tiki bar plan that starts with a shed plan but uses weathered materials to create a complete tiki bar feel.

The free tiki bar plan includes a materials list, tools list, the tiki bar blueprints, and step-by-step building instructions complete with color photos.

4. Free Outdoor Bar Plan from My Plans Outdoor

Free Bar Plans
© My Plans Outdoor

Use this free outdoor bar plan that incorporates a basic design with simple woodworking skills to get you an outdoor bar in just a few hours.

Step-by-step directions along with color diagrams will help you get this outdoor bar build in no time.

5. Pottery Barn Inspired Chesapeake Bar Cabinet Plan from The Design Confidential

Free Bar Plans
© The Design Confidential

This free bar plan is inspired from Pottery Barn's Chesapeake Bar. This outdoor bar has a fold down top and sides that open allowing you to keep your bar stocked at all times.

Diagrams, instructions, and a materials and tools list will help you along each step of the way of building this outdoor bar.

6. Tiki Bar Plan from Lowe's

Free Bar Plans
© Lowe's

Here's another free tiki bar plan, this one coming from Lowe's. This tiki bar plan will build you a sturdy bar out of oak and cedar but will have all the look of the traditional tiki bar.

Use the illustrations, cut diagrams, materials and tools list, along with the building directions to build this wonderful outdoor bar.

7. Free Bar Plan from Canply

Free Bar Plans
© Canply

Here's a PDF file of a free bar plan that will build you a great home bar appropriate for your basement or any other room in your home. This is a free standing bar that's built from plywood.

A materials list, construction notes, building hints, and diagrams are all included in this free bar plan.

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