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15 Free Bookcase Plans

Use These Free Plans To Build a Bookshelf


11. Contemporary Bookcase from American Woodworker

Free Bookcase Plans
© American Woodworker

American Woodworker has a free download of this contemporary bookcase plan that features clean lines to show off your books or other items.

Use the instructions and photos to help you build this bookcase in a weekend.

12. Craftsman-Style Bookcase Plan from The Family Handyman

Free Bookcase Plans
© The Family Handyman

The Family Handyman has a free bookcase plan that builds a classic Craftsman-style bookcase.

All included in this free bookcase plan are step-by-step instructions, a list of tools and materials you'll need, as well as figures and pictures.

13. Custom Bookcase Plan from Popular Mechanics

Free Bookcase Plans
© Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics has a free bookcase plan that tells you how to build a bookcase that will fit any wall in your home.

There are diagrams, pictures, and instructions to help you along all within this free bookcase plan.

14. Portable Book Rack Plan from Start Woodworking

Free Bookcase Plans
© Start Woodworking

Start Woodworking has another free bookcase plan and this one is inspired by the Arts and Crafts style of furniture.

Plenty of diagrams and pictures as well as written instructions will help you build this unique bookcase.

15. Simple Barrister Bookcase Plan from Popular Woodworking Magazine

Free Bookcase Plans
© Popular Woodworking

If you're up for the challenge this free bookcase plan will get you a beautiful finished barrister bookcase that is both elegant and functional.

Use the PDF link at the bottom of the page to get the complete bookcase plan that includes instructions, photos, and diagrams.

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