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15 Free Bookcase Plans

Use These Free Plans To Build a Bookshelf


Print one of these free bookcase plans and you'll have everything you need to get started building a bookcase for any room in your house. The free bookcase plans include diagrams, photos, step-by-step instructions, and sometimes even videos to help you along the way.

Building a bookcase is a fairly simple woodworking project that you can get done in just a day or two. It's a low-cost project as well and since the plan is free, you don't have to worry about busting through your budget.

The free bookcase plans include a wide variety of bookcase styles and sizes so be sure to look through them all to find the best one for the space you have.

If you enjoy these free bookcase plans be sure to check out the other free woodworking plans I have for coffee tables, desks, wine racks, home bars, kitchen islands, playhouses, picnic tables, dog houses, decks, workbenches, tree houses, pergolas, sheds, Adirondack chairs, bunk beds, and even chicken coops.

1. Small Bookcase Plan from This Old House

Free Bookcase Plans
© This Old House

Here's a free bookcase plan that will get you a small bookcase with two shelves that are adjustable. With this plan you'll get over 10 square feet of shelf space but it takes up less than 3 square feet of space on your floor.

This free bookcase plan includes a tools list, shopping list, diagram, and step-by-step instructions.

2. Arts and Crafts Bookcase Plan from Fine WoodWorking

Free Bookcase Plans
© Fine Woodworking

This free bookcase plan will build you a beautiful bookcase in the Arts and Craft style but with a modern twist.

The free PDF download of this bookcase plans includes diagrams, photos, and instructions.

3. Oak Bookcase Plan from Start Woodworking

Free Bookcase Plans
© Start Woodworking

Here's a free book case plan for an oak bookcase. Included in the plan is a series of videos to help you complete your bookcase.

The attached PDF file includes a lumber/hardware list and detailed diagrams.

4. Free Bookshelf Plan from Mitre 10

Free Bookcase Plans
© Mitre 10

Download the PDF file of this free bookshelf plan and you'll get a shopping list, tools list, instructions, and diagrams.

What you'll get when you're finished in a beautiful looking bookcase.

5. Rustic Wood Bookshelf Plan from Ana White

Free Bookcase Plans
© Ana White

Ana White has a free bookshelf plan that will get you this beautiful rustic wood bookshelf made of solid pine boards.

This bookshelf plan includes step-by-step instructions, photos, diagrams, a materials and tool list, a cut list, and user-submitted photos of the bookcases they made using this plan.

6. Built-In Bookcase Plan from This Old House

Free Bookcase Plans
© This Old House

Here's another free bookcase plan from This Old House, this one for a 6-shelf built-in bookcase that you can adjust to fit your own space.

Besides detailed building instructions, this free bookcase plan also includes diagrams, photos, and a materials and tool list.

7. Classic Bookcase Plan from Lowe's

Free Bookcase Plans
© Lowe's

This is a beginner bookcase plan that will take you only a day to complete. When you're finished you'll have a great looking classic bookcase that can go anywhere in your home.

Instructions and a shopping list are found here as well as links to a cut list and project diagram.

8. Walnut Bookcase Plan from Rockler

Free Bookcase Plans
© Rockler

Rockler has a free bookcase plan that will result in this gorgeous classic bookcase that uses walnut wood along with a mahogany stain.

Three-pages of instructions that include photos and diagrams will help you get there.

9. Cubby Bookshelf Plan from Ana White

Free Bookcase Plans
© Ana White

This free bookshelf plan will build you a large cubby bookshelf with adjustable shelves.

To help you build this bookshelf, there is a free video tutorial and photos of user-submitted finished bookshelves. You'll also find diagrams and written instructions.

10. Free Bookcase Plan from Lee's Wood Projects

Free Bookcase Plans
© Lee's Wood Projects

This free bookcase plan from Lee's Wood Projects will get you a simple but elegant bookcase that will last for years to come.

There are photos, diagrams, a material list, cutting instructions, and building instructions in this bookcase plan.

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