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7 Free Deck Plans

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These free deck plans will help you build the deck of your dreams. With a little bit of know how and some hard work, you'll be sitting out on a deck that you built yourself.

Each free deck plan will tell you which materials, supplies, and tools you'll need to collect as well as cutting instructions. They'll then step you through building the deck with photos, videos, and illustrations laying it all out.

None of these free deck plans require any of your personal information and they are all completely free for you to download and use to build your very own deck.

I have a lot of other free woodworking plans besides these free deck plans, like free plans on how to build sheds, pergolas, porch swings, gazebos, dog houses, picnic tables, playhouses, bookcases, workbenches, chicken coops, and even homes.

1. Lowe's Free Deck Plan

Free Deck Plans
© Lowe's

Lowe's has a great free deck plan that includes a tools and materials list, tips on designing and laying out the deck, as well as instructions that will take you through every step to build the deck, stairs, and railing.

If you feel like getting more creative, Lowe's Deck Designer is a great way to create plans for your own custom deck.

2. Free Backyard Pool Deck Plan by Popular Mechanics

Free Deck Plans
© Popular Mechanics

Here's a free deck plan that will help you create a spacious 10 x 18 ft. backyard pool deck that your family can enjoy for years.

The ten easy to follow steps within this free deck plan will help you gather your tools and materials, frame the floor, set the posts, lay the decking, and build the guardrails.

3. FreeStanding Deck Plan by California Redwood Co.

Free Deck Plans
© California Redwood Co.

This is the free deck plan you need if you'd like to build a freestanding deck that can also be built as an attached deck. This finished deck will be 8 X 10 ft.

This PDF file is a deck plan that includes a material list, multiple diagrams, and step-by-step instructions.

4. The Best Deck by Arch Lonza

Free Deck Plans
© Arch Lonza

Although this is a general guide on how to build a deck, it does include actual deck plans that can be customized to the size you're looking for and gives you many options on the type of railing you can install.

You'll find illustrations, videos, materials list, and more included in this free deck plan.

5. Free Deck Plan at DoItYourself

Free Deck Plans
© DoItYourself

This is a great looking deck that's perfect for entertaining, relaxing, and grilling out.

This free deck plan includes advice on choosing materials, instructions for preparing, laying out, and building the deck, as well as information on how to build the deck railings.

6. Deck Over Concrete Free Deck Plan by California Redwood Co.

Free Deck Plans
© California Redwood Co.

Here's another high quality free deck plan by California Redwood Co. that will build a beautiful deck built up on a concrete foundation.

Open up this free deck plan to find a tools and materials list as well as instructions on how to build the deck.

7. Handyman Wire's Free Deck Plan

Free Deck Plans
© Handyman Wire

The first section of this free deck plan includes a tool and supply list, planning and construction tips, as well as advice on designing and estimating your deck needs. In the second part of this free deck plan you'll find detailed illustrations and blueprints along with step-by-step instructions to build your new deck.

You'll also have the option of asking questions from the experts on the deck plan in the Handyman Wire's forums.

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