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5 Free Tree House Plans

Build a Backyard Treehouse With These Free Plans


Use one of these free tree house plans to make your children the ultimate playhouse in the sky. This wide selection of free tree house plans includes everything from the simple to the outrageous.

Detailed diagrams, color photos, videos, step-by-step building instructions, and tips will help you build a safe and sturdy tree house that your kids or grandkids can enjoy for years.

Tip: No good tree house trees? No problem! Most of these free tree house plans include an option for a free-standing tree house that sits on posts. You can also find some free playhouse plans and free swing set plans that may meet your needs better.

When you're ready to move on from tree houses and onto your next woodworking project, you can find more free woodworking plans for bunk beds, sheds, dog houses, picnic tables, gazebos, porch swings, and bookcases.

1. Deluxe Tree House Plan from The Wood Plans Shop

Free Tree House Plans
© The Wood Plans Shop

If you are out to build an amazing tree house then this free tree house plan is the one for you. Don't worry if you don't have trees that are right, this free-standing tree house can be built anywhere. Outside there's a pulley system for treasures and a ladder. Inside there are bunk beds and plenty of room to play out adventures.

This free tree house plan includes a materials and shopping list, color photos, diagrams, and plenty of step-by-step building instructions.

2. A-Frame Treehouse from Outdoor Life

Free Tree House Plans
© Outdoor Life

Outdoor Life has a free tree house plan that will build an A-frame tree house with a wrap-around deck and ladder. Constructed of 4x8 plywood sheets, this tree house can be built in a tree or free-standing.

The free tree house plan includes detailed diagrams, instructions, and a materials list.

3. Modern Tree House Plan from Dornob

Free Tree House Plans
© Dornob

If you're looking for an updated tree house plan, this free plan from Dornob will help you build a modern tree house with an interesting shape and windows from the tiny to the huge.

Color photos, written instructions, and diagrams will help you build this unique tree house.

4. BuildEazy's Free Tree House Plan

Free Tree House Plans
© BuildEazy

Here's another free tree house plan and this one comes from BuildEazy. This tree house includes a deck that wraps around the tree, stairs to the ground, a slide that comes off the tree house, and an attached swing set.

You'll be able to view and download a materials list, cutting list, building instructions, and blueprints in this free tree house plan.

5. Ron Hazelton's Free Tree House Plan

Free Tree House Plans
© Ron Hazelton

Here's a free plan for a tree house that's actually a series of videos that will take you through each step of building a tree house.

Pressure-treated wood in 2X8's with 4x4 posts makes this tree house safe for the kids and easy to build.

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