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5 Free Daily Word Search Puzzles

Daily Word Search Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp


Daily word search puzzles are a great way to start off your day or take an afternoon break. Not only are they are a lot of fun but these daily word search puzzles will also help keep your mind sharp and young.

You'll find both printable daily word search puzzles and online puzzles in this list so if you have a preferred way of completing your word search puzzles I've got you covered for both.

1. Daily Word Search by Penny Dell Puzzles

Daily Word Search
© PennyDellPuzzles

Every day there's a new online daily word search puzzle from Penny Dell Puzzles. These puzzles are over a wide variety of subjects and tend to be an easy to medium level of word search puzzle.

You can easily view the previous day puzzle or visit the puzzle archive to see all the past daily word search puzzles.

Make this daily word search more challenging by hiding the bank of words or encrypting the letters in the puzzle.

2. Daily Word Search Puzzle by Lovatts

Daily Word Search
© Lovatts

The daily word search puzzle by Lovatts can be printed or completed online.

If you complete this daily word search puzzle online, you have the option of being timed, keeping score, and getting letter hints when needed.

3. Daily Word Search From Word Games

Daily Word Search
© Word Games

The best part about the daily word search over at Word Games is that you get to choose whether you want an easy, medium, or hard version of the daily puzzle.

This daily word search puzzle is meant to be played online and there's a leader board at the bottom of each puzzle that may give you a little extra incentive to give it your best.

4. Online Daily Word Search Puzzle by GSN

Daily Word Search

The daily word search puzzle over at GSN is made to be played online but you can also print it out if you'd like.

These daily word searches seem to be a little more difficult than most but are a lot of fun to play.

5. Daily Word Search for Kids at Learning Planet

Daily Word Search
© Learning Planet

The daily word search puzzles over at Learning Planet are geared towards kids and are pretty easy.

The daily word search puzzle is meant to be played online and hints are available if needed.

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