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A Review Of Jootix Wallpapers

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Jootix Wallpapers
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Update September 2013: Jootix Wallpapers is no longer operational.

Jootix Wallpapers is a free wallpaper site that has plenty of great-looking wallpapers where it's easy to find a wallpaper that matches whatever subject you might be looking for.

Surprisingly High Quality Wallpaper

Despite that all the wallpapers at Jootix Wallpapers are user uploaded, I really didn't run across any poor quality wallpaper like I have at many of the other user-submitted wallpaper sites.

These are high-quality wallpapers on a lot of different subject matters and I was surprised at the unique wallpapers I found in just a few minutes time.

There many not be hundreds of thousands of wallpapers here but what is here are some great wallpapers you won't want to miss.

So Easy to Find Your Next Wallpaper

Jootix Wallpapers© Jootix Wallpapers

There are quite a few ways to search for your next wallpaper at Jootix Wallpapers which is always a good thing. You can search by category, keyword, or sort the wallpapers by newest, most favorited, and most viewed.

All the ways you can search here work great and there are even some subcategories making it easy to browse deeper within all the wallpapers.

A great feature is that you can search by keyword or category and then sort by newest, most favorited, or most viewed just within that filter. It's a great way to find the best wallpapers first.

Taking the Guess Work Out of Your Screen Size

Jootix Wallpapers© Jootix Wallpapers

When you go to download your favorite wallpaper, Jootix Wallpapers automatically includes what your screen size is and let's your click on it to get the perfect size of wallpaper for your computer monitor.

They also list the original size of the wallpaper as well as all other other sizes available. Another point where Jootix Wallpapers gives you lots of options to make getting a new wallpaper as simple or detailed as you want.

After you click on which size of wallpaper you want to download, you can then add it to your desktop.

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