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97 Free Holiday Wallpapers

Download a Holiday Wallpaper for Every Holiday


Holiday wallpapers are an easy way to decorate your home for the holidays. These free holiday wallpapers are super easy to put on your computer desktop and they are all completely free.

Whatever type of holiday you are celebrating - Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, or Easter - you'll be sure to find a free holiday wallpaper below that you love.

Tip: Learn how to change your computer wallpaper if you're not sure how to get one of these holiday wallpapers on your screen.

Find even more free desktop wallpapers take from the best free wallpaper sites.

25 Free Christmas Wallpapers

Holiday Wallpaper
© Brothersoft Wallpapers

These gorgeous Christmas wallpapers are just a few of the Christmas freebies I have available.

These holiday wallpapers are sure to warm up your home at Christmas time as well as my winter wallpapers.

When you're done browsing the list, come back and tell me about your favorite Christmas wallpaper.

16 Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers

Holiday Wallpaper
© DK Design Studio

These holiday wallpapers are just right for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

You might prefer these fall wallpapers as well as some other Thanksgiving freebies.

31 Free Halloween Wallpapers

Holiday Wallpaper
Photo © Vladstudio

This huge list of Halloween wallpapers will give you a ton of options to choose from.

I also have some other Halloween freebies to save you even more money around the holidays.

12 Free Easter Wallpapers

Holiday Wallpaper
© MSN Greetings

These free Easter wallpapers will help you celebrate spring and the joy of this springtime holiday.

Come back and tell me what your favorite Easter wallpaper is plus check out my other Easter freebies.

13 Free St. Patrick's Day Wallpapers

Holiday Wallpapers
© Kelly Hicks

These holiday wallpapers are just for St. Patrick's Day and they've got the green to prove it.

You'll find images of four-leaf clovers, rainbows, and leprechauns all ready to decorate your computer desktop for St. Patrick's Day.

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