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Free email accounts and services provide a variety of options and benefits. This is not a comprehensive list, but you will find services that have something particularly unique or useful to offer. Using a spare free email account is a great way to help keep spam out of your main email account Get one or more for yourself.
  1. More Free Email Accounts

Free and Very Easy Junk Email Account

Perhaps you have used Mailinator, Sneakemail, or one of the many other temporary free email accounts, but, I bet you have never used one this easy. 2Prong.com is the first such service to require no more than just visiting the site to be ready to paste your junk email address in the email field of whatever registration form you are about to submit.

Mailinator -- A Very Disposable Email Account

Mailinator offers you any email address you want -- for a few hours. This may make Mailinator the ultimate disposable email account. You can make up any email address you want using the mailinator domain. You then go to mailinator.com and check that account for any email received. The email is kept for a couple hours and then deleted.

Why do I Need a Free Email Account?

Find out the benefits of registering for one or more free email accounts.


A small program that allows you to easily keep track of up to eight email accounts simultaneously including AOL, AltaVista, email.com, GO, Hotmail, Lycos, Mail.com, Netscape, POP3, Rediffmail, Switchboard, USA, Yahoo, ZDNetOneBox and hundreds of other email domains.


FastMail.FM is a great alternative to some of the other services like Yahoo and Hotmail that seem to be getting too big for their (our) own good. The free guest level account offers plenty of features and 10 megs of storage.


This is one of the fastest and most reliable of the large free email services. Their spam blocking works well, but hotmail addresses almost seem to attract spam. They allow 2 megs of storage for free accounts.

Lycos Mail

Lycos Mail features spam filtering, wireless access to email, and six megs of storage.


Mail2web allows you to check your POP email account on the Web. You can use it without registering. One of my favorite uses is to delete messages that clogging my inbox.


Mail.com provides most of the bells and whistles of the other big sites plus you can choose from hundreds of domains for your address. They allow 10 megs of storage.

Yahoo Mail

When you sign up for Yahoo Mail you are also registered for all of Yahoo's free services. You need to pay attention to their messages to users, as they have been known to make big changes in their privacy policy. They have done ridiculous things such as turning on the settings for all email newsletters of people who had already unselected them.

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