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Mailinator -- A Very Disposable Email Account


Free Service Description:

Mailinator offers you any email address you want -- for a few hours. This may make Mailinator the ultimate disposable email account. You can make-up an email address using the mailinator domain and use it as a temporary junk email account.

How do I use this free service?:

After you have given out your made-up email address you then go to Mailinator.com and check that account for any email received. The email is kept for a couple hours and then deleted. You don't need to register with Mailinator at all. Mailinator just collects all email to any address using the mailinator.com domain. You just type in the address you just gave out and any email to that address is displayed.

That sounds cool but what good is it?:

Mailinator has basically just one purpose. It allows you to receive email for a short period of time without giving out your own email address. If you need an email address to register on a site that you are not sure you trust, use a Mailinator address. You can get your confirmation email to validate your registration. There is no worry about getting spam because you never need to check that account again.

What are the drawbacks of the free Mailinator address?:

Since email is deleted after a couple hours you cannot use a Mailinator account as a permanent email address. There is no security on a Mailinator account. Anyone can check any account as long as they know what it is. It's best not choose a common address like a first name or a common word. You also cannot send email from a Mailinator account.

What are the risks in in using the Mailinator site?:

There are none as long as you understand that mail is deleted after a couple hours and that anyone can check it if they know the address you used. Since Mailinator does not require a registration you are not giving them any personal information.

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