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How to Get Free Food for You and Your Family

Free food anyone? Below you'll find out how you can get free food for you and your family. Find the latest in free food samples, restaurant freebies, and coupons for free food at the grocery store.

Free Food Samples Every Day
Check the About.com Freebies blog to find out where you can get the latest free food samples.

How To Get Free Food Samples
Request all kinds of free food samples for your household from these sources.

Free Food On Your Birthday
Get free food on your birthday from a whole bunch of restaurants.

Free Food Samples From Walmart
How to get free food samples from Walmart. Free food samples you can get from Walmart include coffee, cereal, snack food and more.

Get Free Chocolate When You Join the Godiva Rewards Club
How to get free chocolate every month from the Godiva Rewards Club.

Free Slurpees At 7-Eleven
Find out how you can get free Slurpees at 7-Eleven.

Get Free Food Samples at StartSampling
StartSampling regularly offers free food samples like coffee, cereal and snacks.

Get Free Samples at Vocalpoint
Vocalpoint members can get free food samples like drink mixes and snack foods.

Free Food From Kraft First Taste
Get free Kraft food through their Kraft First Taste program.

How To Get Free Ice Cream
Free ice cream days and programs from some of the most popular ice cream chains in the world.

Free Pancakes at IHOP
Find out how you can get free pancakes at IHOP.

Get Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream on Free Cone Day
Get a free ice cream cone on Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day.

Save Big on Groceries With Combined Savings Strategies
Want to save big on groceries -- combine free savings resources to boost your grocery savings -- here is how to do it

Free Buffet Coupons
Join the eClub and get a coupon for a free buffet meal at Old Country Buffet, Hometown Buffet or Country Buffet.

Veterans Day Free Meals
Lots of free food and other free stuff for veterans and those in active military on Veterans day every year.

Dress Up Like A Cow and Get Free Food
You can get free food from Chick-fil-A when you dress up like a cow.

Cow Appreciation Day Photos
Submit or view photos from Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day.

Free Food at 7-Eleven
Get free food and more at 7-Eleven.

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