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Get Free Chocolate When You Join the Godiva Rewards Club


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Update March 2014 - Godiva now requires a purchase of at least $10 within the past year to receive your free chocolates every month.

You'll get free chocolate every month when you join the Godiva Rewards Club. No purchase is necessary to get your free chocolate.

In addition to the free chocolate you get every month, you'll also get free gifts, free online shipping, and special online offers.

How to Sign Up for Your Free Chocolate:

Visit Godiva Rewards and click on Register Today to begin enrollment into the Godiva Rewards Club. Complete your name, mailing information, phone number, email address, and birth date. You'll also need to pick a username and password.

Click Submit and you can choose whether you want to take an additional questionnaire. This is not required to get your free chocolate.

You'll be given your rewards club membership number which you can use to log-in and see what rewards you are eligible for in addition to your free chocolate. You can pick up your Godiva Rewards Club card on your first visit to the Godiva store.

Where to Go to Get Your Free Chocolate:

Each month you can go to your local Godiva Boutique to pick up your piece of free chocolate.

You'll need to present your Godiva Rewards Club card or a piece of personal information to verify that you a member and qualify for the free chocolate.

Limits of the Godiva Rewards Club:

To join the Godiva Rewards Club you must be 18 or over living in the U.S.

There's a limit of one piece of free chocolate every month and liquor truffles are not included.

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