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Get Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream on Free Cone Day 2014


Free Cone Day 2012 Photo: Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy/Staff

Check back next spring for details on Free Cone Day 2015.

Free Cone Day is a freebie day that has been happening at Ben & Jerry's since 1979 and is still going on strong. This once a year event is held every year in the spring and anyone who stops in during store hours on Free Cone Day will get a free single scoop ice cream cone.

Psst... Did you know this is just one of the times a year that you can get free ice cream?

Date of Free Cone Day 2014:

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day 2011 is on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

Ben & Jerry's That Are Participating In Free Cone Day 2014:

You can find out which Ben & Jerry's are participating in the Free Cone Day by visiting the Scoop Shop Locator. Enter your address or zip code and be sure to check the box before Participate Free Cone Day. Click the Find it! button and you'll see a list of Ben & Jerry's near you that are participating in Free Cone Day.

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