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8 Places to Get Free Food Samples

Slash Your Grocery Bill With Free Food Samples


Free food samples of cereal, crackers, chips, entrees, meat, produce, beverages, and every other type of food imaginable are given out almost daily online. Below, you'll find the best places to request these free food samples. After you've received some, come back and tell me about your favorite free food samples.

Some of the free food sample programs below let you request your free food samples today while others you sign up for and wait to be notified until there is a new free food sample available for you. Many of these free food samples only require your mailing information, no surveys required.

Remember that free food samples are just one type of free product samples you can get by mail.

Tip: Are you worried about not receiving your free food sample? Make sure that you do all you can to make sure that these free food samples make it to your mailbox.

1. Free Food Samples From Walmart.com

Free Food Samples
© Walmart

Free food samples are abundant at Walmart.com. About every week they put a new free food sample offer on their webpage so you can try out new products in the hopes that you'll like them so much that you'll head out to Walmart and purchase them.

There's no notice when a new free food sample is given out at Walmart.com and you've got to be quick if you want to snag one of the free food samples. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter to be notified when Walmart.com has a new free food sample available.

The free food samples given out in the past from Walmart.com have included free coffee, snack food, gum, and more.

2. Target.com Free Food Samples

Free Food Samples
© Target

Target.com has set up a similar program like Walmart.com's where you can request free food samples after answering a few questions and submitting your mailing information.

The free food samples at Target.com are posted without any notice and they are usually in limited quantities and run out very quickly. Be sure to check the daily free sample page to find out when these free food samples are available.

Free food samples given out in the past from Target.com have included snack food such as crackers and cookies.

3. Free Food Samples From StartSampling

Free Food Samples
© StartSampling

Free food samples are also given out at a free sample website called StartSampling. At StartSampling you can sign up for free food samples, free makeup samples, free baby samples, and request coupons.

StartSampling usually has a few free food samples available at once and they've been known to give away free samples of snack foods and beverages.

4. Vocalpoint Free Food Samples

Free Food Samples
© Vocalpoint

Vocalpoint not only gives away a ton of free food samples but sometimes they give away full-sized food products and coupons redeemable for free food at your local grocery store.

You'll need to click the link above to join Vocalpoint. When you join you'll answer some questions about yourself to complete your Vocalpoint profile. This way they'll know when they have a free food sample that fits your profile.

You'll be emailed when this free food sample is available for you and you can visit the Vocalpoint website to request it. After you've had the chance to try out the free food sample, Vocalpoint will ask that you can come back and fill out a short survey about your opinion of the free food sample.

Free food samples given out by Vocalpoint in the past have included crackers, cereal, frozen dinners, meat, and health food products.

5. SheSpeaks Free Food Samples

Free Food Samples
© SheSpeaks

Join the SheSpeaks program now and then sit back and wait for an invite to arrive in your email that will score you some free food samples and in some cases even some free full-sized food products.

In the past SheSpeaks has given out free food samples from Tostitos, Snickers, Johnsonville, and Campbell's.

6. Free Food Samples At Your Local Walmart

Free Food Samples
Photo: Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Every weekend your local Walmart gives out free food samples. Yep, I'm talking about those little booths where you can stop by and grab a free food sample and even money-saving coupons if you'd like to purchase the food in the future.

Although it seems like top secret information, you can actually find out what free food samples are going to be given away at your neighborhood Walmart by doing a simple search of your zip code using the link above.

In the past Walmart has given away free food samples of entrees, meats, desserts, beverages, and snack food.

7. Free Food Samples in the About.com Freebies Newsletter

Free Food Samples
Photo: McMillan Digital Art / Getty Images

Many companies that make your favorite foods come out and offer free food samples that you can request.

One way you can find out about these free food samples as they become available is to use the link above to sign up for the About.com Freebies newsletter.

Just in the past few months there have been free food samples for chips, crackers, beverages, produce, cereal - just to name a few!

8. Free Food Samples From Your Local Grocer

Free Food Samples
Photo: David McNew/Staff / Getty Images

Just like the free food samples given away your local Walmart, many other grocery stores give out free samples as well.

Most of the time these free food samples are given out on the weekend around the lunch hour but I suggest calling the grocery stores in your area to see when the free food samples are given out so you know when to get there to snag the best free food samples.

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