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Free Halloween Clip Art

A List of the Best Places to Find Free Halloween Images


Halloween clip art can spruce up any Halloween project whether you're working on a printable Halloween card, party invitation, or decorations.

These Halloween clip art images are sure to bring your next Halloween project to the next level and you'll have plenty to choose from with all these choices of where to find the free Halloween clip art.

Tip: Visit each link to view and download the free Halloween clip art. The images used here are two small.

You can find more Halloween clip art images in the list of free pumpkin clip art and free fall clip art. There are lots more Halloween freebies that will save you money this Halloween.

Halloween Clip Art at About.com Web Clip Art

Halloween Clip Art
© About.com Web Clip Art

There's a wonderful collection of free Halloween clip art over at About.com Web Clip Art.

You'll find Halloween clip art here featuring bats, Halloween food, owls, ghosts, pumpkins, scarecrows, Halloween titles and witches.

Free Halloween Clip Art at Christmas Graphics Plus

Halloween Clip Art
© Christmas Graphics Plus

Despite the name, Christmas Graphics Plus doesn't just have free Christmas clip art. You'll find a great selection of Halloween clip art here that includes skeletons, monsters, pumpkins, jack o' lanterns, ghosts, graveyards, skulls and witches.

Be sure to check out the Kid's Halloween Clip Art and Kid's Halloween Animated Gif's sections to find some great Halloween clip art for kids.

Halloween Clip Art at Rats2U.com

Halloween Clip Art
© Rats2U.com

Click on any of the categories of free Halloween clip art at Rats2U.com and you'll see a ton of great Halloween images.

They've really got it all here - clip art of bats, demons, ghosts, haunted houses, ravens, spiders, cats, devils, graveyards, jack o' lanterns, skeletons, witches, costumes, Frankensteins, grim reapers, pumpkins, skulls and vampires.

Free Halloween Clip Art at Clip Art Haven

Halloween Clip Art
© Clip Art Haven

You'll find almost 300 extra large Halloween clip art images at Clip Art Haven! Browse through the titles and click on the Halloween graphics until you find just the one you're looking for.

You'll see some wonderfully unique Halloween clip art images here like this ghost enjoying some ice cream.

Webweaver's Free Halloween Clipart

Halloween Clip Art
© Webweaver's

Webweaver's has 5 fun pages of free Halloween clip art. These are some really fun Halloween images that range from the scary to silly.

Be sure to see more Halloween clip art at Webweaver's by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Halloween Clip Art for Microsoft Office

Halloween Clip Art
© Microsoft

If you're looking for some Halloween clip art that can easily be put into a Microsoft Office document then you're in the right place.

This is a fun collection of pages and pages of Halloween clip art that includes any type of Halloween image you can think of.

Abby's Spooky Halloween Clipart

Halloween Clip Art
© Abby's Spooky Halloween Clip Art

There's a few fun Halloween clip art images of ghosts and witches at Abby's Spooky Halloween Clipart.

If you click on the thumbnail of the image you'll be able to download the image in a larger size.

Halloween Clip Art and Images at Public Domain Clip Art

Halloween Clip Art
© Public Domain Clip Art

There are nearly 300 spooky and fun Halloween clip art and images at Public Domain Clip Art. You'll see spiders, monsters, devils, vampires and more here.

If you're looking for black and white Halloween clip art, they have a ton of it here!

Scary Halloween Clip Art at Caverns of Blood

Halloween Clip Art
© Caverns of Blood

If you're looking for Halloween clip art that's downright frightening, then you're going to want to see this collection of Halloween clip art from Caverns of Blood.

In addition to clip art, they've got Halloween fonts, sounds and music.

Kids' Turn Central Halloween Clip Art

Halloween Clip Art
© Kids' Turn Central

Kids' Turn Central has free Halloween clip art of Halloween bunnies, pumpkins and cats, ghosts, leaves, haunted houses, Halloween cartoon images, mummies, witches, Halloween teddy bears, Halloween banners and scarecrows.

With all of these fun Halloween images, you'll have a hard time deciding which ones you want to use!

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