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Free Printable Christmas Cards

Free Printable Christmas Cards To Print and Send This Holiday Season


Updated for Christmas 2013

Printable Christmas cards can be easily and quickly printed for free from your home computer so you can put the money you usually spend on Christmas cards somewhere else in your holiday budget.

In a lot of ways these printable Christmas cards can be better than a box of them you'd buy at the store. Many of these printable Christmas cards can be customized with your own greeting, message, card style, and some even let you add photos before printing.

Looking for a greener option than printable Christmas cards? Check out my list of free Christmas ecards. They'll help the environment and save you even more money and time.

You also might want to consider using a Christmas card template to create your own photo Christmas card.

Check out all the other Christmas freebies like free Christmas music downloads, printable letters from Santa, printable Christmas party invitations, Christmas printables, and free Christmas coloring pages.

Tip: You can find more than just printable Christmas cards with these free, printable cards for every other occasion this year.

Free Printable Christmas Card by Mufn Inc.

Printable Christmas Cards
© Mufn Inc.

This free printable Christmas card by Mufn Inc. was hand drawn by a young graphic designer and she's letting you print off as many as you'd like in the spirit of the season.

There's even a spot on the front of the card for you to sign on this printable Christmas card.

Vintage Snowman and Birdy by Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Printable Christmas Cards
© Homemade Gifts Mad Easy

Homemade Gifts Made Easy has several free, printable Christmas cards but this first one has to be my favorite.

Click the card image to open the printable Christmas card as a PDF file so you can print it.

Joyous Heart Holiday Card by Wedding Chicks

Printable Christmas Cards
© Wedding Chicks

This is a perfect printable Christmas card for a couple but you can make it work for a family as well.

Just input your names, upload your image, and choose your colors to get your very own printable Christmas card.

Cute Birdy in Snowy Tree Scene by Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Printable Christmas Cards
© Homemade Gifts Made Easy

This lovely colorful printable Christmas card is simply stunning.

Print this free Christmas card off today to send it to everyone on your list.

Printable Christmas Cards by My Owl Barn

Printable Christmas Cards
© My Owl Barn

If you are a fan of owls or know someone who is, you are going to love these printable Christmas cards by My Owl Barn.

There are three different designs for these owl printable Christmas cards and I guarantee you'll have a tough time picking a favorite.

Printable Christmas Card with Santa by Mufn

Printable Christmas Cards
© Mufn Inc.

I had to include yet another printable Christmas card by Mufn Inc. on the list.

This free printable Christmas card wishes the recipient a Merry Christmas with the help of a cute little Santa.

Happy Holidays Snowman by Xerox

Printable Christmas Cards
Photo © Xerox

You'll love this jolly printable Christmas card that features a photo of a big round snowman. It's blank inside so you can add your own unique message to the card before or after printing.

There are even more printable Christmas cards from Xerox that feature tons of great Christmas images.

Kawaii Merry Holiday Card by Creative Mamma

Printable Christmas Cards
© Creative Mama

Creative Mamma has designed an adorable Kawaii printable Christmas card.

Simply download this printable Christmas card and add your holiday greeting after printing.

Modern Christmas by Presentation Magazine

Printable Christmas Cards
Photo © Presentation Magazine

This is a wonderful printable Christmas card that's a great choice if you're looking for something a little more non-traditional. Bright pink text wishes you a Merry Christmas amidst snowflakes and evergreen trees.

There are other printable Christmas cards from Presentation Magazine available if you're looking for more like this one.

Christmas Snowman by Greetings Island

Printable Christmas Cards
Photo © Greetings Island

An adorable snowman waits to greet your loved ones with a gift in this whimsical printable Christmas card. Make this card even more special by adding your own photo, clip art, or custom text before printing.

You can find more printable Christmas cards at Greetings Island which include Christmas cards that are cute, funny, elegant, and everything in between.

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