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Viewster is a legal free online movie website that has over 5,000 Hollywood and independent movies as well as a limited number of TV shows. No registration or download is required to enjoy the online content at Viewster, however you will have to view some ads.

Not all the content at Viewster is free but a majority of it is and it's very easy to sort out the free movies and shows.

Visit Viewster to Watch Free Online Movies

Viewster's Free Streaming Movies:

You can view the free streaming movies at Viewster by latest additions, language, genre, and actors.

The genres you can choose from at Viewster include action and adventure, anime and animation, Bollywood, classics, comedy, crime and gangsters, documentary, drama, festival darlings, French, horror, kids, music and musicals, romance, sci-fi and fantasy, Spanish, sports thrillers, war, and western.

Being able to choose a movie based on a famous actor or actresses is a nice feature at Viewster that's missing from other online movie services. You can search by movies that feature Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz, Sandra Bullock, and Tom Cruise among many others.

Viewster's Free Streaming TV Shows:

Viewster is new to online streaming TV and their collection right now is small. You'll find mainly foreign television shows and lesser known shows from the United States.

Watching Viewster on the Go:

Viewster has free apps available for Apple, Android, HP, and Samsung.

System Requirements to Watch Viewster:

It's recommended that you have a minium Internet connection of DSL 4000 kbit/s to enjoy the videos at Viewster.

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