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There are many creative people on the Net, and some of them are willing to share their creations. I've assembled a list of unique free printables that are either fun, useful, or both.
  1. Free Calendars to Print (1)
  2. Free Flash Cards (1)
  3. Free Labels (7)
  4. Free Printable Templates (0)
  5. Printable Coloring Pages (4)
  6. Printable Math Worksheets (1)
  7. Word Find Puzzles (25)

Giant List of Free, Printable Cards
Printable cards that are all free and for every occasion.

Printable Birthday Party Invites
A whole lot of printable birthday party invites.

Print These Free Thank You Cards
Free Thank you cards you can print.

Printable Word Find Puzzles
More than 500 printable word find puzzles.

Print Free Gift Tags
Free gift tags that can printed from home.

Print These Free Recipe Cards
Free recipe cards you can print.

Print Free Paper Rulers
Find free paper rulers you can print.

Graph Paper You Can Print
Print graph paper for free.

Free Sympathy Cards You Can Print
A list of free sympathy cards that you can print.

Free Printables for Kids
Lots of free printables just for kids.

Free to Print Get Well Cards
Get Well cards that are free to print.

Free Moving Announcements
Send out free moving announcements with your new address.

Totally Free Downloadable and Printable Custom Photo and Standard Calendars
Totally Free Downloadable and Printable Custom Photo and Standard Calendars

Hidden Pictures for Kids
A list of hidden pictures for kids, many of which are easily printable.

Free Printable Hidden Pictures at Highlights Hidden Pictures
Here's a huge collection of printable hidden pictures, from the folks at Highlights.

Free Sheet Music
Free printable sheet music from The Mutopia Project.

Free Pop-Up Book Style Pop-Ups
Find out how make your own simple pop-ups.

Free Printable Certificates
Print hundreds of free printable certificates.

Print Custom Calendars for Free
Printables of free custom calendars.

Print Custom Graph Paper and other Lined Papers
Free printable graph paper.

Free Connect the Dots for Kids and Adults
Printable connect the dots puzzles for all ages.

Create Your Own Cookbook
Print your own custom cookbook.

Working Paper Camera
Make your own working 35 mm paper camera from these plans that were first published in a magazine in Czechoslovakia in 1979.

3D Model F15 Eagle Jet Kit
This is not your standard paper airplane. You can print, assemble, and actually fly this 3D jet.

Animal Cards and Envelopes
This is a cute set of animal cards and envelopes based on the children's book "The Hat" by Jan Brett.

Canon Print Planet
Canon offers a wealth of free printable projects. The site is organized into seven categories for ease of use.

Monthly Sky Map
Skymaps.com offers an updated star map printable each month including helpful information for star gazers. There are separate versions for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Paper Airplane Fliers' Club
Click on the download an airplane link for several paper airplane plans including Ken Blackburn's world record flight time plane.

PaperToys has a large list of paper models. Models range from an Alfa Romeo to a replica of Bill Gates's house. You can even send the plans to friend just link sending an electronic greeting card.

Piper Cub and Wright Flyer
Fiddler's Green makes these two of their printable 3D projects available free.

Printable Check Lists and Charts
A large variety of charts and checklists that you can print to help get you and your kids organized. (international)

Printable Household Organizer
Complete instructions and printable pages to create your own household organizer notebook. The parent site Organizedhome.com also has great tips for reducing clutter. (international)

Printable Turkey Figure
You can print, cut and glue this model turkey for holiday fun.

Free Paper Toys
Free printable paper toys! There are a ton of free printable paper toys to choose from here. Simply print, cut, and fold.

Free Printable Signs
My Shop Signs offers free printable signs of all kinds of things. If you are having a sale or an event, check out this site for some great free printable signs.

Envelope Templates
Print these free envelope templates.

Wedding Cards
Print a wedding card off for free.

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