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Free Connect the Dots for Kids and Adults


Offer Description:

And you thought connect the dots was just for kids. David Kalvitis has managed to create connect the dots drawings that are fun and challenging for kids and adults. These are not the simple connect the dots that you remember from your childhood and that gave away the picture even before you started to connect the dots. You can download and print a weekly free connect the dots plus three other free sample connect the dots puzzles.

How to get the free connect the dots:

Vist the connect the dots samples page for three free connect the dots printables.

Offer Availability:

These connect the dots puzzles are printable PDF files so all you need is the free Adobe Reader to view and print them. You should make sure that the Adobe Reader option to print to fit the page is unchecked or the connect the dots puzzle may be out of proportion when you print it.

Who is offering the free connect the dots puzzles?:

The free connect the dots puzzles are created by David Kalvitis, the author of the "Greatest Dot-to-dot Book In The World" series of connect the dots books.

Where can I buy the author's connect the dots books?:

You can purchase the books for the links on the author's site or you can use this price comparison to look for a lower price deal.
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