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Offer Description:

Midwest Living has a free online application that allows you create your own cookbook. You can use any of their recipes and/or your own recipes. You can customize just about everything but the cover with your own text and pictures. There are five cover designs to choose from.

How to get the free offer:

Visit the Midwest Living My Cook Book pages. If you are not already a member of Midwest Living you will need to register. You then use the online forms to add text, recipes, and pictures to your cookbook. The cookbook is saved online as you create it. When you are finished you can download the cookbook PDF to your computer and distribute it any way you wish as long as you don't charge for it.

Offer Availability:

This is a free online application so it is available worldwide. It seems to work well in both Firefox and Internet Explorer in Windows. The site uses JavaScript for the application so it should work fine with just about any browser and operating system.

Who is offering this free service?:

The free cookbook creation service is offered by the Midwest Living website.

How much effort is required to create a free cookbook?:

The online application is easy to use and you can put as much or as little effort into it as you wish. Obviously, the more custom text you add and the more effort you put into selecting recipes, the better the final product will be.

Where can I get a good deal on good old fashioned standard printed cookbook?:

If you want a nifty ready-made honest to goodness printed cookbook you can find a good deal here.
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