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Offer Description:

Normally I would not be very excited about free printable pocket planners, but PocketMod is actually pretty cool. It is an application that lets you genrate an eight page pocket sized booklet with various formats and content. There are online and downloadable versions of the program as well as a program that will take any PDF file and create a pocket booklet from it.

How to get a the Free Pocket Planners:

Visit the PocketMod site. You can use the online tool right away to create a custom pocket planner or you can download the offline version or the PDF converter. Follow the online instructions for folding the planner and you will end up with an eight page planner you can page through just like a commercialy created booket.

What do I need in order to use PocketMod?:

The online version just requires the Flash plugin and should work on any operating system. The downloadable version runs on Windows and Mac computers. The PDF converter is Windows only and requires Microsoft .NET.

What are risks in requesting in using this software?:

The online version is just a normal flash applicaion and does not pose any risks. When I downloaded the offline programs I did not find any adware, spyware, or other nasties.
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