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Free Australian Lamb Cookbook


Offer Description:

This free cookbook entitled "Simply Delicious – Australian Lamb for Any Occasion" offers 23 easy recipes for lamb dishes. Each recipe features an full color photo. The cookbook also includes cooking tips, nutritional information, cooking and handling information, and a full reference guide. (US, Canada)

How to get the free offer:

Visit Australianlamb.com and click on the free cookbook picture. Fill out a short form with your email address, name, and postal address.

Offer Availability:

The free cookbook appears to be available to both United States and Canadian residents. The form response page indicates that the offer will arrive in four weeks.

Who is making the offer?:

This free offer is being made by Meat and Livestock Australia, Ltd. Based in Washington D.C.

How much effort is required to request the offer?:

The request form is very quick and easy and you are not required to jump through hoops of any kind for this one.

What is the likelihood the offer will arrive?:

I believe they intend to provide the free cookbook to everyone that requests one, however, I'm sure there is not an unlimited supply. This appears to be something that is relatively expensive to produce and ship, so I suspect they will run out fast.

What are the risks in requesting the offer?:

I'm sure this is a reputable organization, however, the way their privacy policy is written makes ample allowances for providing your information to other parties. It would probably be prudent to use a junk email address just to be safe.

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