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How To Get Free Product Samples

Stuff Your Mailbox With These Free Product Samples


You can get enough free product samples to fill up your mailbox in just a few minutes. These free product samples include samples of food, makeup, baby stuff, shampoo, and perfume.

These free product samples can save you money and let you figure out what products you like before you commit to buying the larger version. Many of these free product samples also come with coupons so you can save even more.

Tip: Find the newest free samples updated every day.

Free Product Samples of Food

Free Product Samples
Photo: David McNew/Staff / Getty Images

One of the most popular type of free product samples given away are food samples. Free product samples of food are given away by companies on almost a daily basis and they make it very easy to get them.

These include free product samples of snacks, desserts, beverages, gum, cereal, frozen dinners, and health food products - just about any type of food you can think of!

Free Product Samples of Makeup

Free Product Samples
Photo: Robyn Neild / Getty Images

Makeup is another type of free product samples that are readily available.

A few times a week there is usually a new offer for a free product sample of mascara, foundation, lipstick, blush, and all your other favorite beauty products.

Free Product Samples of Baby Stuff

Free Product Samples
Photo: Spike Mafford / Getty Images

Free product samples of baby stuff is a great way to offset the expenses of having a little one. These free baby samples can really help save you money and find out if your baby likes certain products before you have to commit to buying the full sized product.

Free product samples for babies include free samples of baby formula, diapers, and baby food.

Free Product Samples of Shampoo

Free Product Samples
Photo: Stockbyte / Getty Images

Free shampoo is another popular free product samples that's given away from companies like Pantene, Garnier Fructis, and Head and Shoulders.

You'll find new product samples of shampoo usually a few times a week.

Free Product Samples of Perfume

Free Product Samples
Photo: Getty Images / Medioimages/Photodisc

Perfume can be really expensive so free product samples of perfume will help you know what fragrance you like before you have to shell out the bucks for the whole bottle.

Free product samples of perfume are offered about once a week and come from your favorite perfume companies such as Oscar de la Rente, Jovan, Hugo, and Calvin Klein.

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