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Check out these free services which include free Internet access, free email, free online calendars, free file storage and much more. Why pay for services that you can get for free on the Net?
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Free Word Puzzle Help

Get free online help to solve crosswords and other word puzzles

Free Personal Radio from Slacker.com

Slacker.com is approaching nearly 100 professionally programmed genre stations covering all kinds of music and over 10,000 artist stations. You can personalize any of the stations so the music matches your tastes exactly.

The New Free AOL

Finally AOL is doing something to get the attention of those of us who love free services. They are in the process of transforming themselves from an expensive dial up Internet service provider to an advertising supported free service for those with other Internet connections. They still offer dialup, and you still have to pay for that if you need to use it to get your Internet access, but they are making most of their "value added" services free to everyone.

Send and Receive Free Faxes

Quite a number of free fax services have come and gone over recent years. I don't know of any one current service that lets you both send and receive faxes for free, but that doesn't mean you can't have your fax and send it too! All you need to do is use two free services, one to send your faxes and another receive faxes.

Google Spreadsheets

If there was any doubt that Google is working toward offering a free online office software suite, I think we can safely say that doubt has pretty much been eliminated by the announcement of the free Google Spreadsheets online.

Free Song Lyrics

If you have ever listened to a popular song and couldn't quite figure out some of the lyrics, you will appreciate LyricsDownload.com. They have an enormous database of over 600,000 unique song lyrics.

Google Calendar

Free calendars are cool and free email is really nice, but put them together and you have something fantastic. Google has made their free Web based calendar available to everyone and it is worth the time to sign up and give it a spin.

Mygrocerydeals.com Grocery Deal Finder

Now I don't need to go through the weekly ritual of gathering all the newspaper grocery fliers and trying to figure out who has what deals. Mygrocerydeals.com maintains a huge database of local grocery store specials and allows you to build shopping list for the stores you choose or you can browse the specials for each store online.

Create a Free Newsfeed

Want to keep people updated with news about you or about anything you care about but don't have a Web site? Or do you have a Web site without a newsfeed? FeedXS comes to the rescue with a free and very easy to use service that allows you to create your own RSS newsfeed.

HassleMe Free Reminder Service

Sometimes you just need a little kick in the pants to remember to get something done. HassleMe is ready and willing to help.

Free Online Spell Check

Orangoo Spell Check is a very handy free online service. Many of us have come to rely on doing a spell check when we create documents. Unfortunately, most places where you enter data online does not have a spell check function.

Free Tax Filing Sites as Listed by the IRS

The United States Internal Revenue Service lists about twenty sites that offer free E-Filing. Some also include free tax preparation.

Locate those Hard-to-Find Toll-Free Customer Service Numbers

One thing that has always bugged me about dealing with online merchants has been how difficult it is to talk to real person when there is a problem that can't be solved using their online resources. There is a reason they hide their toll-free numbers. It is much cheaper for them to use automated email responses or other online communications. However, there are some times when voice communication is the only solution.

Free Internet Radio Helps you Discover Music you Like

There are many free Internet radio services but Pandora has a unique twist that makes it the most compelling free Internet radio service I have tried. Pandora truly helps you discover music that you will like based on the way the music sounds. Some free Internet radio services allow you to teach them what you like but Pandora takes custom free Internet radio to a whole new level.

Skype Free Internet Calling

What the heck is a Skype you ask - Skype is a voice over IP (VOIP) telephone company that has made an enormous splash by offering free high quality PC to PC calling

Become.com the search engine for serious shoppers

Google is my favorite general search engine but when it comes to finding substantial information on getting the best buy on something you need to purchase it seems almost useless

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