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Free Service Description:

Google Page Creator is no longer available. You can now use Google Sites to create a free website.
Google has launched their free Web site offering called Google Page Creator. They offer an easy to use tool for creating your Web site and free hosting for up to 100 megabytes of files. The Google Page Creator requires no knowledge of HTML.

How to get a free Web site from Google:

Before you create your free account, please read the next section of this profile. Visit the Google Page Creator. The site may or may not be open for new users at any give time since they try to control the server load. If it is not available when you first check, try back periodically. You will need a Gmail account to sign up. If you don't have one they offer a link to create one.

Important tip to avoid getting your Gmail accont spammed:

When you create your Google Pages account your Gmail account name is used to create the Web address. If your Gmail address is nifty32323cool323, your Web address becomes nifty32323cool323.googlepages.com. The problem with this is that it will be very easy for spammers to search Google and create email lists using those account names. Until Google realizes how stupid this is and gives you the option to choose a different address I suggest you create a Gmail account just for your Web site.
I don't normally advocate creating multiple accounts for free services, but in this case I feel it is appropriate. If you are not comfortable creating a second Gmail account then I would avoid using the Google Page Creator for now. All you need to do is send yourself a Gmail invitation to another email account and use that to create your soon to be spammed Gmail account. Use the new Gmail account to create your Google Page Creator site.

What are the risks in using the Google Page Creator?:

Other than the caveat listed above, I don't see significant risks with the service. If you already have a Gmail account you are not providing any new information to Google. If you are paranoid about Google collecting too much information on you then you have probably decided that you don't want a Gmail account and would not be considering the Google Page Creator service anyway.
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