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Free Service Description:

I love Web based services, and when a service can save me money, save me time, and do it all for free I'm in Web service heaven. Now I don't need to go through the weekly painful ritual of gathering all the newspaper grocery fliers and trying to figure out who has what deals.

Mygrocerydeals.com maintains a huge database of local grocery store specials and allows you to build shopping lists for the stores you choose. Alternatively, you can browse the specials for each store. The site also has other useful features like a nutrition database and food allergy alerts in the works. You can add items to your lists that are not on special allowing you to create a complete shopping list.

How to use the free service:

Visit mygrocerydeals.com. You can try the free service without registering or you can go ahead and register so that you can save your lists for future use. You may need to allow pop-ups since the site opens new windows for most links.
Click on the "try us now" link and select your location and favorite store. Note that the location/city includes surrounding areas. There is button to try the service without registering and one to join now.

In addition to the circular listings Mygrocerydeals.com offers a large number printable coupons from two different sources. You need to install the appropriate browser plug-in if you don't already have it installed.

Service Availability:

At this writing mygrocerydeals.com covers over 525 US cities and they are constantly adding more. They have both chain groceries and family owned markets. I was very impressed when I used their email submission link to suggest my favorite local store and got a reply the next day saying they are being added the next week and when I checked back the store was on the list.

What are the risks in using this free service?:

You can try the service without registering and if you do register, their privacy policy states that they will not share your information. From my dealings with these folks I can report that they are good guys out to save you time and money. The site is entirely advertising supported so you don't have to worry about them leading you down the garden path and only presenting deals that benefit them.
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