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Locate those Hard-to-Find Toll-Free Customer Service Numbers


One thing that has always bugged me about dealing with online merchants has been how difficult it is to talk to real person when there is a problem that can't be solved using their online resources. There is a reason they hide their toll-free numbers. It is much cheaper for them to use automated email responses or other online communications. However, there are some times when voice communication is the only solution.

Even though the online merchants and other online companies don't make their toll-free or other customer service numbers easy to find, they are still there. With the right tools they are also not that difficult to find.

There are a number of online lists and directories of toll-free customer service numbers. The place to start is the Gethuman Database. They have listings for the US, the UK, and Canada. Gethuman not only gives you the phone numbers, but they give you the sequence of numbers to use in the automated systems to get to a real person.

One of the best specialty lists I've found is the Techbargains Vendor Info. The list primarily covers technology retailers, but they happen to be the ones that tend to make it hardest to find their customer service numbers.

The Internet 800 Directory is worth a try.

If you can't find the toll-free customer service number you are seeking on those lists you can try a custom search on Google.

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