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Free Online Alarm Clocks

A List of Free Online Alarm Clocks for Your Computer


With all these free online alarm clocks available, there's no reason to spend your hard-earned money on an old-fashioned alarm clock.

Whether you need an alarm clock to wake up, or as a reminder for a task, you're sure to find something you like from this list of the top 6 free online alarm clocks.

Tip: Unplug any headphones and turn the volume up on your computer to make sure you can hear the alarm when it goes off.

1. Online Alarm Clock

Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

If you're looking for a simple and easy to use free online alarm clock, the aptly named Online Alarm Clock is just what you're looking for. The alarm clock features a bright red clock that includes the seconds.

The alarm is very easy to set by using the menus below the clock to set the hour and minute you'd like the alarm to go off. When the alarm goes off the sound is loud and persistent. There's no way you're sleeping through this one!

This online alarm clock only has a few other features - you can change the size of the time displayed and the color of the background.

Online Alarm Clock also has an Online Clock Radio and a Video Alarm Clock.

2. Sleep.FM

Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

The first thing you'll notice about Sleep.FM's free online alarm clock is the soothing blue night sky background. The current time is a white flip clock that's fun to watch as the seconds tick by.

Use the drop down menus to set an alarm to the right of the current time. You can also set alarms at Sleep.FM by typing in the URL followed by a slash and the time you want to set up the alarm (for example www.sleep.fm/6am).

You'll love how you can choose the alarm to play your local weather, time or date and time. The default voice is male but you can change it to a female voice by using the link in the upper left corner of the screen.

3. Kuku Klok

Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

Kuku Klok is a very attractive free online alarm clock. With it's bright yellow screen and simple layout, you'll wake up happy.

It's easy to set the alarm clock time at Kuku Klok by using the + and - buttons to set the alarm time. The current time is displayed in very small numbers at the top of the alarm. You can choose from a variety of fun sounds like a rooster, guitar and trumpet that can all be previewed beforehand.

Click Set Alarm after you've set your wake up time and chosen your sound. After the alarm goes off you'll have the option to stop it or snooze for 10 more minutes.

4. MetaClock

Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

MetaClock is a unique free online alarm clock because you can set websites to open when the alarm goes off.

The wake-up time is easy to set and you can choose from clips of wake up songs like I Feel Good, Good Morning Beautiful, and Morning Twitter.

Other features of the free MetaClock include a place to write notes and the ability to show random facts when the alarm goes off.

5. Klokoo

Screen shot by Stacy Fisher

Klokoo is a no-frills free online alarm clock that's very easy to use. The date and time are shown at the top of the alarm clock. Use the drop-down menus to set when you want the alarm to go off. You can even set the seconds on this alarm! After you've chosen your time, you'll need to click the Set the Alarm Clock button.

You can choose from a few different alarm sounds including rooster, hip hop and trance. You'll need Windows Media player installed to get anything other than the rooster sound to play.

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