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Free Commercial Software

A New Free Commercial Software Package Every Day


I like to use free open source software whenever I can, but I'm willing to buy commercial software when I find find a reasonably priced commercial software package I can use. You can't get much more reasonably priced than free, so when I discovered a site that gives away commercial software packages, I had to check it out.

New Every Day

Giveaway of the Day offers a new free commercial software package every day. You have 24 hours to download, install, and activate the software and it's yours to keep. They also host Game Giveaway of the Day with the same deal for commercial game software.

The Good

They certify the software to be 100 percent free of adware and spyware. There is a new title every day. They have a user comment and rating system so you can see what others think of the software before you bother to install it. You need to be aware though, that some people hate everything and will dismiss a potentially good program without even trying it.

The Bad

You may find that most of the software doesn't interest you and I do have to agree with many of their users that say they offer too many screen saver packages. Since you only have 24 hours to install the software you may find yourself installing software that you don't want or need. Of course, you can always uninstall it if you find you don't like it.

Other Thoughts

It's another chance to get something for nothing, and I'm all about that. I personally think it's cool to have somewhere else to check for something new every day. I'll probably pass on most of the stuff, but since I never know when something I really want is going to show up I'll keep checking. These two sites are great ones to add to Bloglines or your favorite RSS reader to make it easy to check every day.

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