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Free A.C. Moore Events for Kids and Adults


A.C. Moore Events © A.C. Moore

A.C. Moore events are free events that take place at A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts stores.

Most of the A.C. Moore events are for kids but there are also some demonstrations and make and takes for adults as well.

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Types of A.C. Moore Events:

In the past the A.C. Moore events have been demonstrations and make and takes for bracelets, bookmarks, picture frames, candy, and cards.

Some of the A.C. Moore events will require a purchase to participate but this will clearly be stated on the website and store fliers.

When the A.C. Moore Events Happen:

The free A.C. Moore events usually take place on a weekend in the early afternoon. There's usually a free event taking place every weekend.

How To Attend an A.C. Moore Event:

Visit A.C. Moore to see the date and time for all the month's A.C. Moore events.

There's no advance registration required for the free A.C. Moore events, just show up at your local A.C. Moore to take part.

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