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Free Hidden Pictures at Highlights Hidden Pictures


Highlights Hidden Pictures © Highlights

Highlights Hidden Pictures is a huge collection of free hidden pictures put together by Highlights magazine.

With every Highlights Hidden Pictures puzzle, you can print them or play them online.

Printing the Hidden Pictures at Highlights Hidden Pictures:

To print the hidden pictures at Highlights Hidden Pictures, you'll need to visit Highlights Hidden Pictures and choose a puzzle you'd like to view. Be sure to scroll down the page, there are lots of puzzles here.

After you've selected the Highlights Hidden Picture you'd like to print, click on Print to get a PDF of the puzzle that you can print with your browser.

Solving the Highlights Hidden Pictures Online:

If your child wants to solve the hidden pictures online, follow the same directions as above to access the puzzle.

Before beginning the puzzle you can choose to show the names of the objects to be found, pictures of the objects to be found, or to keep all of this hidden to increase the difficulty.

Use your mouse to click on the object you've found in the Highlights hidden picture. The object will be colored in on the hidden picture. You can use the Zoom feature to zoom in on certain areas of the puzzle.

Below the hidden picture you'll see how many objects you've found out of the total number of hidden objects in the pictures. Use the Hint button if you need a hint to find a hidden object.

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