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How to Get Free Halloween Costumes

3 Ways to Get Free Halloween Costumes


It really is possible to get free Halloween costumes! Halloween costumes can cost a great deal of money but you'll find below that there are several ways you can get free Halloween costumes for your kids, yourself, and even your pets.

These free Halloween costumes are just one of my Halloween freebies that will save you a ton of money this Halloween.

Get Free Halloween Costumes From a Halloween Costume Swap

Free Halloween Costumes
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At the beginning of every October is National Costume Day Swap where you can bring an old Halloween costume and exchange for a new and free Halloween costume at a swap near you.

If there aren't any swaps going on near you then consider starting one yourself. Or you can organize a small swap just for your friends and neighbors. It can be an easy and fun way to get everyone you know free Halloween costumes.

Use What You Have to Create a Costume

Free Halloween Costumes
Photo: Mimi Haddon / Getty Images

Take a second look around your house and you may find that you have everything you need to create a free Halloween costume.

The link above will help you find out how to create costumes out of simple items you have on hand, cardboard boxes, and sweats.

Print a Free Halloween Mask

Free Halloween Costume
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If you still haven't found a free Halloween costume you can print out one of these free Halloween masks.

Pair it with some dark clothing and you'll have quite the easy and free Halloween costume that will still look great.

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