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Watch Free Horror Movies Online Legally

Watch Free Horror Movies Online Legally


You can watch free horror movies online easily with the links below of seven different websites that have great collections of free horror movies.

You can feel great about doing so too because you can watch these free horror movies online all legally. They are all public domain or the websites have permission from the movie studios to show them.

You'll be able to watch free horror movies online that include classic horror movies like Nosferatu and Night of the Living Dead to modern day horror movies like The Grudge 3, Resident Evil, and Christine.

If you're looking for a new release horror movie you can watch for free, you may want to see if there are any free Redbox codes available to help you do just that. If horror movies aren't quite your thing, then you can watch plenty of other free movies online.

Hulu's Free Horror and Suspense Movies

Free Horror Movies Online
© Hulu

Although Hulu isn't strictly a horror movie website they have an awesome collection of free horror movies you watch online. The video quality is great at Hulu too and you'll find that you soon forget you're watching the free horror movies online instead of on your TV.

You'll find popular titles like The Amityville Curse, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Ed Gein, Hellraiser III & IV, Monkey Shines, Nosferatu, Phantom of the Opera, Puppet Master, Pumpkinhead 4, and many, many more free horror movies to choose from.

Crackle's Free Horror Movies Online

Free Horror Movies Online
© Crackle

Crackle has lots of free horror movies online including popular titles like Mary Reilly, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Resident Evil, Christine, The Grudge 3, Brainscan, April Fool's Day, and REC.

Besides the free horror movies that are online at Crackle they also have a lot of other movies and TV shows that are all legal to watch.

Classic Cinema Online Free Sci-Fi and Horror Movies

Free Horror Movies Online
© Classic Cinema Online

If you're looking for classic horror movies then Classic Cinema Online is an excellent place to find free horror movies online.

You'll find popular titles like Carnival of Souls, It's Alive, Night of the Living Dead, Sweeney Todd, The House on Haunted Hill, The Little Shop of Horrors, Them!, and a lot more classic horror movies you may or may not have seen before.

Free Horror Movies Online at Retrovision

Free Horror Movies Online
© Retrovision

Retrovision is another place you can go if you want to watch classic horror movies online for free.

Some of the free horror movies online from Retrovision include Jekyll and Hyde, Teenage Zombies, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, and A Bucket of Blood.

You'll also find horror TV favorites that you can watch the complete series for free. Some highlights include The Hitchhiker and Dark Shadows.

Public Domain Torrents Free Horror Movies

Free Horror Movies Online
© Public Domain Torrents

All the free horror movies online at Public Domain Torrents are considered public domain meaning that it's completely legal for you to watch them for free. You can also legally download these horror movies for your computer, iPod, and PSP.

There's a lot of great horror movies here, most of them classic, like The Last Man on Earth, The Bat, Silent Night Bloody Night, and Killers From Space.

Internet Archive's Online Sci-Fi & Horror Movies

Free Horror Movies Online
© Internet Archive

Another place to go for legal and free horror movies online is the Internet Archive. You'll find two pages full of horror movies here.

Watch Bloody Pit of Horror, Lady Frankenstein, The Wasp Woman, Snake People, and The Devil Bat all for free.

Free Horror Movies at FEARnet

Free Horror Movies Online
© FEARnet

FEARnet has a small selection of free horror movies online. You'll find just a few free movies available each month but they do seem to swap them out quite often for new titles.

These aren't your popular horror movies but you just might find a few jewels in there you'd like to watch.

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