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The Best Halloween Party Invitations


Do you need a Halloween party invitation for this year's soiree? No need to spend hours online looking for one - I've found the best free, online Halloween party invitations and listed them below.

All these Halloween party invitations are meant to be sent online but I have a list of printable Halloween party invitations as well if you'd rather send them out in the mail or deliver them in person.

These Halloween party invitations can be easily customized with your own text and then you can send them out to your guests' email inboxes. With some of these invitations you can even keep track of your RSVP's online.

If you're looking for more Halloween freebies like these free Halloween party invitations for your shindig, check out my lists of free Halloween party games, Halloween music, and spooky Halloween sounds. Make your Halloween party the best for less!

Halloween Soiree by Marcia Copeland

Halloween Party Invitations
© Pingg

This Halloween party invitation is modern but still keeps with the spirit of Halloween. It would really work for any type of Halloween party you plan on having.

You can fully customize this Halloween party invitation with your own text and images. You can also add your party date and time which will automatically be added to the invitation and guests will have the option of completing their RSVP online.

A Sweet Halloween Party by Evite

Halloween Party Invitations
© Evite

This Halloween party invitation makes me hungry just looking at it! Sweet Halloween cookies invite your guests to your Halloween party.

This Halloween party invitation can be customized with your event details and guests have the option of sending their RSVP's online.

Spooky Owl by Lisa Manley

Halloween Party Invitations
© Pingg

This Spooky Owl Halloween party invitation ends up being both cute and spooky all at the same time!

You can use the tools over at Pingg to customize your Halloween party invitation with text and images as well as allowing your guests to RSVP online.

Get Your Freak On by Marcia Copeland

Halloween Party Invitations
© Pingg

Here's another Halloween party invitation by Marcia Copeland, this time featuring a skeleton couple inviting your guests to come get their freak on.

If you'd rather your guests call you to RSVP just chose the eCard Without RSVP's option to do that.

You're Invited by Evite

Halloween Party Invitations
© Evite

This is a truly creepy Halloween party invitation that invites your guests to come visit your haunted party.

Enter your party details to this Halloween party invitation and make it super easy for your guests to be in the know.

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