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Free Halloween Printables for Kids

A List of the Best Places to Find Free Halloween Printables for Kids


Kids love Halloween printables! They're great to use in the classroom or simply at home to get the kids in the mood for Halloween.

Some of these free Halloween printables for kids will help them learn, others will encourage them to use their imaginations, while other Halloween printables are really just so they can have fun.

This list of Halloween printables will keep the kids busy for weeks coloring, carving, and crafting. All you need to do is print off what you want and then hand it over. Free and easy!

Find more than just these free Halloween printables with Halloween freebies that kids and adults will love.

1. Free Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween Printables
© Primary Games

If you're looking for Halloween printables, you're not going to want to miss this list of free Halloween coloring pages!

You'll find thousands of free coloring pages with fun and spooky pictures of ghosts, witches, monsters, trick-or-treaters and more. They are truly a Halloween printable that your kids will have a blast with.

2. Printable Halloween Masks

Halloween Printables
© HP

The kids are going to love these Halloween printables - they're Halloween masks!

You can't get better than a free Halloween costume and these printable Halloween masks will get you there.

3. Printable Halloween Cards

Halloween Printables
© Creative In Chicago

The kids will love these Halloween printables that let them create Halloween cards for grandparents, friends, and whoever else they'd like to wish a Happy Halloween to this year.

There are lots of choices here and some Halloween cards will let the child include their picture.

4. Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

Halloween Printables
© Artsy Fartsy

These Halloween printables are bingo cards that would make a great Halloween party game or classroom activity.

You'll find a wide selection of Halloween printable bingo cards here that fit in with any age group.

5. Free Halloween Word Searches

Halloween Printables
Photo: Sharon Dominick / Getty Images

These Halloween printables will have you child putting their thinking cap on.

No matter how old they are, from children learning to read all the way up to those in middle and high school, there's a puzzle here that will fit their skill level.

6. Halloween Math Worksheets

Halloween Printables
Photo: George Doyle / Getty Images

Somehow kids like math more if there are spooky pumpkins decorating the page!

These Halloween printables are math worksheets are all free and teach math skills all the way from counting up to geometry.

7. Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Halloween Printables
Photo: Fry Design Ltd / Getty Images

These free pumpkin carving patterns are the ultimate in Halloween printables. Print a pumpkin carving pattern out and then use it to carve a masterpiece on your pumpkin this year.

Whether you're a beginner carver or more advanced, you'll find a ton of options in this list of 31 places to find free pumpkin carving patterns.

8. Printable Halloween Invitations

Halloween Printables
© Martha Stewart

These free, printable Halloween invitations are great to send out for a children's Halloween party.

Your child can even help with the printing, decorating, and mailing of these Halloween invitations.

9. Printable Halloween Toys

Halloween Printables
© The ToyMaker

These Halloween printables can be made into fun Halloween toys!

There's a bus, camera, cottage, treat box, snack bag, banners, cards, boxes and more here.

10. Halloween Printables for Halloween Magnets

Halloween Printables
© Family Fun

This Halloween printable is a full sheet of Halloween magnets.

Print out this sheet of pumpkins, black cats, ghosts and spiders and carefully cut them out. Glue them to the top of old flat magnets you have laying around and you've got some instant Halloween decorations for the fridge.

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