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The Best Places to Find Free Halloween Sounds

A List of Spooky Halloween Sound Effects


Halloween sounds are spooky sound effects like evil laughs, creaking doors, and howling wolves. You can make a soundtrack of these free Halloween sounds or have them loop on your computer during your haunted house or Halloween party for some spooky fun.

Tip: Mix together these free Halloween sounds with some free Halloween music to create the ultimate Halloween soundtrack.

Use more Halloween freebies and Halloween party freebies to throw the ultimate Halloween party for less this year.

Free Scary Halloween Sounds at Partners in Rhyme

There are a ton of free scary Halloween sounds at Partners in Rhyme! Choose from the categories Horror Ambiance, Scary Footsteps, Wicked Laughs, Screams, Witch, Ghost Sounds, Howl, Monster and Gross Splats to hear a ton of spooky Halloween sounds.

Click on a Halloween sound to preview it and then follow the directions on the website on how to save the files to your computer.

Curlys Spooky Halloween Sounds

Halloween sounds like screams, laughs, ghosts, wind, storms, wolves, organs, doors creaking, heart beats, witches, cats and haunted houses are here at Curlys Spooky Halloween Sounds.

Follow the directions on the website for previewing and saving the Halloween sounds here.

Free Halloween Sound Effects at Halloween.it

A nice list of free Halloween sound effects waits for you at Halloween.it. You'll find Halloween sounds like howling, laughter, rain, falling , beasts, wind and witches here.

Follow the directions on the website to preview and download these Halloween sounds.

Spooky Space Sounds From NASA

Now this is something unique! NASA has put together clips of spooky space sounds. These are truly eerie especially knowing that they're real.

Choose the Click to Listen button to preview the links or right-click on it and select Save Link As to save the files to your computer.

Free Halloween Sound Effects at Ava7

There are Halloween sounds like screams, rattles, echoes, laughs and howls at Ava7. You're sure to find something scary here!

Click on a link to preview the Halloween sound or follow the directions on the website to download the file.

Halloween Sounds at The Free Sound Project

Type in Halloween in the search box and you'll get pages and pages of free Halloween sounds here. There are ghosts, haunted houses and more here at The Free Sound Project.

Follow the directions on The Free Sound Project's website to download these Halloween sounds to your computer.

Halloween Sound Effects

These are longer clips and full-length Halloween sounds. This isn't a huge list but the clips are very good.

Click on the pumpkin to listen to a clip of the Halloween sound or right-click on the pumpkin to download the file.

SFX Source's Free Halloween Sound Effects

 There's over a dozen free Halloween sounds over at SFX source.

Listen to ghosts, monsters, corpses, evil spirits, guillotines, evil breathing, scary laughter, and more.

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