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Score some free health product samples and health related free stuff from medicines to health borchures and much more. This page is updated when new health free stuff offers become available. Find something for your good health - and for free.

NatureMade Vitamin Samples

NatureMade if offering your choice of any of six Vitamin Samples for free. The choices include multivitamins, C, D, Calcium and B complex samples.

Free Pedometer, Recipe Booklet, and Coupons

Del Monte Foods is offering a free healthier life kit that includes a pedometer, recipe booklet, coupons, nutritional advice, and more when you take their pledge to eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more lean protein, and get more exercise.

Sinus Relief for (almost) Free

I did my first sinus rinse yesterday evening and I must say, the results are pretty amazing. I can breathe more freely today than any time I can remember.

Free Gas-X Thin Strips Sample

Novartis is offering a free sample of Gas-X Thin Strips.

Free Offers and Promotions from GlaxoSmithKline

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) makes many health and personal care products and they frequently run promotions. The offers usually include discount coupons and free samples.

Free Multi-Compartment Pill Case

GlaxoSmithKline is running a promotion on their Os-Cal site and offering a free Multi-Compartment Pill Case.

Special Offers from Wyeth Consumer Healthcare

Wyeth maintains a list of special offers for their consumer healthcare products. The offers are usually coupons for a $1 to $2 discount on their products, but they occasionally also offer free samples. The Wyeth brands usually represented include: Advil, Alavert, Anbesol, Caltrate, Centrum, ChapStick, Dimetapp, FiverCon, PreparationH, Primatene, and Robitussin.

Free Pedometer and Some Great Walking Tips

We could all use some more exercise, and for most of us, walking is the overall best way to get it. McNeil Consumer Healthcare is offering a free pedometer and you can find some great walking tips including instructions for using a pedometer from Wendy, our Walking Guide.

Free Joe Montana's Playbook for Managing High Blood Pressure

Novartis is offering a free copy of Joe Montana's Playbook for Managing High Blood Pressure.

Free Konsyl Fiber Supplement Sample

Konsyl Pharmaceuticals is offering a free sample of their soluable fiber supplement.

Free Navigating your Health Benefits for Dummies Book

Aetna is offering a the book "Navigating your Health Benefits for Dummies" free when you register.

Free Mental Health Resources

The Mental Health Information Center offers free mental health resources. At this writing items included two canvas bags and numerous posters in addition to various printed materials.

Environmental Risk Factors and Breast Cancer CD

Vassar College is offering a free CD with overviews of environmental factors and other risks that contribute to an increased likelihood of developing breast cancer. The CD also offers suggestions of ways to reduce your risks.

Free Restroom Travel Guide

Procter & Gamble is offering a free booklet with tips on where to find restrooms while traveling. It is targeted to those with overactive bladders, but remember, we all have to go sometime and when you've got to go you've got to go.

Free Back Pain Booklet

The Arthritis Foundation offers a free 20 page booklet with explanations of the different kinds of back pain, the causes, and treatments.

DrScholl's for Her Footwear Guide

Schering-Plough HealthCare Products is offering a free footwear guide for women to help them balance footwear comfort and fashion.

Free Fibersure Sample and Gift

Proctor & Gamble is offering a free sample of their Fibersure fiber supplement and a free gift. The gift varies and they have a unique approach of presenting the gift choice. This offer should get you moving.

Free 2006 Drug Guide

The Arthritis Foundation offer a free Drug Guide from Arthritis Today magazine.

Healthy Kids CD and CD-ROM

Request a free CD and/or a free CD-ROM promoting healthy minds and bodies for kids. The CD and CD-ROM are offered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to help parents and caregivers provide positive messages to kids.

Free Acidophilus Pearls Supplement Sample

Enzymatic Therapy, Inc. is offering a free sample of their Acidophilus Pearls digestive aid.

Free anti-smoking resources

There are numerous anti-smoking resources available to parents, teachers, and others interested in keeping kids tobacco free. I've listed some of the most interesting below.

Free Migraine Toolkit

Pfizer is offering a free toolkit called Understanding in a Box designed to help migraine sufferers talk more easily with their doctor and families about migraines

Flonase Rewards Program

If you take the allergy prescription drug Flonase then you will want to check out the Flonase Allergy Rewards program - You receive four $5 savings checks initially and up to $60 in savings per year - You also receive a free gift for every three certificates you use

Free Trusted Medical Information

There is plenty of free medical information on the Web - The main problem is figuring out if you can trust the source to provide accurate information

Depression Ebooks

The About Depression Guide has listed her top picks for free ebooks on the subject.

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